Laurie Metcalf Reveals The Worst Thing About Playing George Clooney's Love Interest on 'Roseanne'

Laurie Metcalf is opening up about working with one of Hollywood's most iconic actors

Laurie Metcalf is opening up about working with one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors.

The Roseanne actress, 62, revealed what it was like to work with George Clooney on the first season of the popular ABC show in 1988 while on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday night.

Answering a caller’s question about the best thing about Clooney, 57, Metcalf said, “Well, the best was the season we got to do together, alluding to us having a romantic relationship. It was the best, that was fun.”

However, there was a downside to playing Clooney’s love interest, one which Metcalf has not forgotten.

“And the worst — the worst was when, for some reason, he didn’t come back after season 1,” she said. “Whatever happened to George?”

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As the story goes, “George” went on to have a luminous career, starring as Danny Ocean in the Ocean’s films as well as Syriana for which he won an Oscar in 2006.

He has also starred in The Descendants, Up in the Air and The Ides of March to name a few.

ABC rebooted Roseanne in 2018, bringing much of the original cast back. In the show, Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) voted for President Trump while her sister Jackie (Metcalf) was against the candidate, most notably wearing a knitted pink cat-eared “pussy” hat and a “Nasty Woman” shirt in the premiere episode.

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Barr previously told PEOPLE she was ecstatic that Roseanne will continue to touch on modern-day topics, including politics.

“It’s important to talk. Now, it seems like every topic is being discussed, and I’m happy with that,” she said in March, adding that she voted for Trump to “shake up the status quo.”

“I think we need to converse more, but more than anything we need to get involved and run our government for ourselves instead of sitting back and wanting somebody else to do it,” Barr said. “Even voting isn’t enough. You have to be involved. I talk about this with my grandkids – you have to get in there and get your hands dirty if you want things to go the way you want them to go. We’re lucky in this country that we can do that. We can really get our hands dirty and put our big collective shoulders to the wheel and change and fix things. I think that’s what’s exciting about our country right now.”

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