"I think the story they told wasn't a dishonest one," Conrad says
Credit: Courtesy Allure

By the time Kristin Cavallari joined The Hills, the show’s plots may have been highly exaggerated, but when Lauren Conrad was still on, she says much of it was actually real.

“I think the story they told wasn’t a dishonest one,” Conrad, 26, tells Allure in its November cover story. “The way they did it sometimes was. They aren’t going to be there for everything. Sometimes two of their main characters will get into a fight, and that’s important to the story line. The [producers] need that reenacted.”

One true plot was a romance with Brody Jenner.

“Brody and I did date,” the former reality star says. “It was pretty brief. There was definitely editing to drag it out.”

When it comes to dating in general, Conrad – who is currently in a relationship with musician William Tell – says, “You don’t want a slob, but you don’t want a guy who is constantly borrowing your tweezers. … The last year and a half, I was dating a lot, and it’s slim pickings.”

Now that the clothing designer and Lauren Conrad Beauty author has gotten used to her time in the spotlight, she’s learned not to take things so seriously.

“I think anyone in the public eye is going to be hated, and a lesson that I needed to learn quickly is that it is impossible to please everybody,” she explains. “One person will call you classy, and another will call you boring.”

Continues Conrad, “People felt that a lot of the things I had were undeserved, maybe because I didn’t have a specific talent. I was more of a regular girl and maybe didn’t deserve the attention.”