Lauren Conrad: I Love the Olsen Twins' Style

Photo: Marc Andrew Deley/FilmMagic

Lauren Conrad loves her own burgeoning fashion line, but when it comes to who has the best sense of style in Hollywood these days, she picks another celebrity – actually, two others.

“I’ve always loved the way Ashley Olsen dresses,” the star of The Hills tells the Chicago Sun-Times. “I love the Olsen twins’ style. They really will try everything. These girls don’t follow a trend. They set their own trends.”

Doing so means taking some risks – something Conrad, 21, says she does with her own fashion line, designed with Linea Pelle and available online at and In fact, she says she’s worn the entire collection on her show.

How does she define her own style? “I like to be comfortable in my clothes,” she says. “I love the empire cut when it comes to shirts and dresses. It’s also something that’s great if you don’t have a perfect body. Who needs tight stuff?”

She’s also big – big! – into shoes. “I bought this big bookshelf that I installed on the wall in my bedroom,” she says. “I keep all my good shoes on it. You almost display the shoes that way. Shoes are like art to me. They need to be displayed.”

Conrad may have gotten her start in fashion thanks to her TV work. But she says it’s not just a extension of that. “I’m serious about my lines, and I do them as a designer and not as someone on a reality show,” she says. “I wanted to create a brand that will last longer than my TV series.”

Going to Paris, one of the capitals of the fashion world, was helpful, too. “Being in Europe, I was touched by how beautiful everything is … breathtaking in the details,” she says.

Just don’t ask what else went down in Paris. “I’m not supposed to talk about it,” she says. “When I give things away, I get in trouble!” –Tim NuddMarc Andrew Deley/FilmMagic

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