The Bachelor alum opened up to PEOPLE about her reaction to the Bachelor in Paradise misconduct allegations

By Diana Pearl
June 23, 2017 05:56 PM

Lauren Bushnell is weighing in on the Bachelor in Paradise scandal.

The Bachelor alum, who split from fiancé Ben Higgins last month, spoke to PEOPLE about the recent allegations of misconduct on the Paradise set at the SodaStream Taste Test event for National Hydration Day on Thursday.

“It’s unfortunate,” Bushnell said of the situation. “I don’t know if any of us know what happened. I’ve been trying to stay up on it, but I don’t know what’s the real story, so I’ve been trying not to make any judgments on either side. I’m just taking the information as it comes.”

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. announced that the investigation of the allegations of misconduct between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios was complete — concluding that there was no evidence of misconduct — and that season 4 of BiP would resume.

“It’s not a situation you would wish upon a TV show, or a person,” she continued.

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However, she did say that she’ll watch this the season, mostly, to her support her friends (like BFF Amanda Stanton).

“I watched a little bit last year,” she said. “I have friends on the show, so I want to tune in just to support them.”

One thing Bushnell does know? You won’t be seeing her on the show this season, or any other program any time soon. She says that she’s not “considering” or even “thinking about” any TV opportunities at the moment, and has no interest in doing so.

“It’s hard to even like get my mind there,” she admitted of going back on the small screen. “I’m just trying to move forward from that chapter, if you will, and a huge part of that chapter was TV.”

Sara Jaye Weiss

Instead, Bushnell is focusing on her blog, Sparkle in Her Eye, and hopes to break into the fashion business, either by collaborating with a brand or launching her own clothing line.

“I was a business major, I always wanted to own my own company,” she revealed. “I would love to have a product, and dive into something, like a big brand and start building something.”