Lauren Bushnell Says There's 'No Bad Blood' with Ex Ben Higgins One Year After Breakup

"I think what we have going is working, and I think we both wish each other the best," Bushnell told PEOPLE

Lauren Bushnell may be on good terms with ex-fiancé Ben Higgins, but she says they don’t keep in touch.

“I feel like we’re in the same circle ,so obviously I’m sure we both see what the other is doing and are aware of that,” Bushnell, 28, told PEOPLE while hosting a FabFitFun event on May 10. “I mean, there’s no bad blood, but we don’t talk all that often.”

Bushnell, who celebrated the creation of her ISH All-In-One Brow Pencil at the event, says that she texted Higgins, 30, when he launched his Generous Coffee company.

“I know that was something very important to him,” she said. “He had been working on it when we were together, so I shot him a text and congratulated him and all that. But other than a text here and there, not a lot. If I were to see him at an event like this or wherever, I don’t think it would be weird. I would love to say hello and congratulate him because he’s doing so many great things and kind of catch up. I think what we have going is working, and I think we both wish each other the best.”

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Bushnell and Higgins got engaged on season 20 of The Bachelor. After their stint on the ABC reality dating show, Bushnell moved to Denver in April 2016 to be with her fiancé, where cameras captured the former couple in one season of their own own reality network series: Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?

The pair announced their split in May 2017, and Bushnell said it’s been “incredibly bizarre” seeing how much her life has changed one year later.

“Just looking back at the last few years, it is kind of overwhelming to sit down and think about it, because so much has changed and I’ve been through so much,” she said. “I’ve had so many highs and so many lows, too. I think that’s what makes life so cool and beautiful, and I’m sure everyone can relate, but it’s interesting to think that it’s already been almost a year. Only like a year ago I was living in Denver, and now I’m back in Los Angeles, which is where I was living, and I feel like finally things have settled for me.”


“I feel far less anxious and more settled and grounded and I feel like I’ve kind of got a little bit more of a hold on my life,” she continued. “For a while there it felt a little overwhelming so I’m happy and everything’s good.”

A lot has changed when it comes to her dating life, too. Bushnell has been dating her current boyfriend Devin Antin, a real-estate investor, since at least mid-July 2017. The pair met before The Bachelor about two years ago and remained friends before reconnecting.

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“We’ve known each other for a while, and obviously things are not perfect all the time, but I think what makes it work is we both are just very similar,” she said. “Our personalities are similar, our senses of humor are similar, and we both have an entrepreneurial mind. He makes me laugh, and we have fun together. I don’t know if there’s this perfect recipe for success, but I think if anything, the thing I appreciate most about him is that he is super supportive and he’s always pushing me to do things that maybe I wouldn’t have done, and again, he’s very much always in my corner supporting me.”


Bushnell also worked with Antin on the creation of her rosé brand, Dear Rosé.

“He’s been really sweet, and again, my biggest supporter which is very important because I can get overwhelmed sometimes,” she said. “I don’t know, it’s good to have someone in your corner pushing you to do things that maybe you wouldn’t have done or maybe would’ve been afraid to do and he’s kind of been that person in my life and that’s really, really nice and I’m thankful for that.”

As for their summer plans, Bushnell says Antin lives near the beach, so a lot of time will be spent there.

“Our summer will probably consist of just hanging at the beach, chilling, drinking rosé,” she said. “I do want to travel a little bit but we don’t have any travel plans as of now, but hopefully we’ll get on that.”

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