The "Sparkle in Her Eye" blogger is also starring on a new reality show with fiancé Ben Higgins
Credit: Source Instagram

Millions of viewers watched Lauren Bushnell meet, fall in love with and get engaged to The Bachelor‘s Ben Higgins, and it was her fan’s interest and curiosity post show that led Bushnell to her new blog venture.

“People in Bachelor Nation were always asking me questions about Ben, about fashion and other things,” Bushnell tells PEOPLE exclusively. “So I started Sparkle in her Eye as a way for us to share everything. It’s like a little scrapbook. And it’s expressive, creative, and a challenge for me too, which I love!”

The former flight attendant certainly has a full plate these days. In addition to the blog, Bushnell’s new reality series with Higgins, Freeform’s Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After, is set to premiere this fall.

“I’m excited for people to see how normal Ben and I are,” she says. “We went from romantic dates and plane rides and hot tubs to sitting on the couch ordering in!”

Not that she’s complaining. “Things have definitely calmed down since the show,” says Bushnell, 26. “That feels like a different lifetime. My head was constantly spinning. Now we’re stable. And I care so much more deeply about Ben now that I’ve learned some of his quirks and the details of who he really is. It makes me love him on such a deeper level now.”

As far as wedding plans, Bushnell says there’s no date set, yet. “Our life is moving a million miles an hour,” she explains. “But the time will come. We’re definitely thinking 2017!”