Lauren Admits Doing Re-Enactments on 'The Hills'

Photo: Photo: Gilbert Flores/CelebrityPhoto

Fielding questions once again about just how “real” her reality show is, Lauren Conrad admits some scenes on The Hills are re-enacted if MTV’s cameras happen to miss the original interactions.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Conrad, 21, specifically addresses “nail-polish-gate” – a sequence of scenes in one episode that were supposedly shot on one night, but in which Conrad’s red nail polish disappears over time. Conrad says the later scenes, with her on the phone with Brody Jenner, were indeed re-enacted the next day, because the cameras had stopped rolling before the “real” phone call.

“Anyone who has worked on a reality show knows how they’re filmed,” Conrad says. “I basically had to go and call Brody again, have the exact same conversation on camera. I mean, it’s not lying to anyone, it’s telling what really happened, but it’s just the way they film reality shows.”

Conrad doesn’t see anything wrong with that, as long as the re-enactments stay true to the characters’ real lives. “Basically what they’re doing is taking our lives and telling a story,” she says. “They’re telling exactly what happened.”

She adds that MTV has orchestrated run-ins between Conrad and Heidi Montag. “But they only set that up because it was happening off-camera,” she says. “We were getting into these situations where we were running into Heidi and Spencer, and MTV kept missing them.”

As The Hills wraps its third season Monday night, Conrad also remarks on how popular it’s become – to the point that the stars had to move apartments to keep from getting harassed.

“Whether they were drunk or just crazy, would come and knock on our door,” she says. “It was scary for us. So we switched apartments but continued filming in front of the other one so wouldn’t know where we lived.”

Through it all, she remains a bit mystified by the show’s appeal. “People are just obsessed with other ‘s lives,” she says. “I don’t know whether it’s kind of a way to escape their own, or something to follow. … I really couldn’t tell you.”–Tim Nudd

Photo: Gilbert Flores/CelebrityPhoto

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