Laurel Stucky and Turbo Fight Over Champagne Before 'The Challenge: Ride or Dies' Season Even Starts

In a PEOPLE's exclusive clip, the stars of The Challenge: Ride or Dies arrive for season 38 ready to compete –– and start drama

The ride or dies are here and so is The Challenge drama!

In a PEOPLE exclusive clip, the stars of The Challenge: Ride or Dies arrive for season 38 ready to compete with their beloved partner. But some of the contestants couldn't even wait until they are in the house before their tempers flare.

In the clip, veteran Laurel Stucky, who will work with Challenge rookie Jakk Maddox, pops some champagne aboard the yacht the cast arrives on. Then the cast proposes a toast to the new season.

But Turabi "Turbo" Camkiran thinks Laurel, 37, ignored him while pouring the champagne. "Can you share sometimes?" Turbo, 34, asks her in the clip.

CHALLENGE Turbo and Laurel

Laurel assures Turbo she can indeed share. "I'm sorry and I'm sorry you feel this way," she says. "You can pout on the front of the boat."

Proving he is her ride or die, Jakk sticks by the veteran's side during the fight with Turbo.

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"When I'm in situations like this where you're fighting with somebody, it's very easy to lose a sense of what's actually happening," Laurel says in an on-camera interview.

"But now that I have my ride or die Jakk here, it's just nice to have somebody who understands me."

Devin Walker, who's partnered with Tori Deal, doesn't appreciate Turbo's return to the game, either.


"The only way I can describe [him] is he's the worst wedding invitation of all time," Devin, 33, tells the cameras. "Don't bring him to your celebration, because he will ruin it just with his vibe."

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But Turbo is not the only one people aren't glad to have back. Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio actually calls Devin "the person I was most or least excited to see."

"Devin and I obviously have a very public, very storied history together and things have gotten really heated between the two of us in the past," the Death, Taxes and Bananas podcast host, 40, tells PEOPLE. "That guy is one of the biggest pains in the ass that I've ever had to deal with on the show. But I'm hoping that coming into this season, whatever issues or rivalry we had in the past can be put behind us. I mean, listen, if I could put my differences with Wes aside, I feel I can do anybody."

The Challenge: Ride or Dies premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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