Listen to 'Austin and Ally' Star Laura Marano's Super-Fun Debut Single 'Boombox'

The Disney Channel actress is trying her hand at becoming a full-on pop star

Photo: Courtesy Big Machine Records

If there’s anything we can be certain of in life, it’s that Disney Channel actors are practically guaranteed to find major success by crossing over into the world of pop stardom.

Laura Marano, star of the hit TV show Austin and Ally, is ready for this next step. Her first ever single, “Boombox,” hits iTunes on Friday, but you can listen to the addictive, dance-y song right here, right now!

The 20-year-old, who is nominated for favorite female TV star on a kids’ show at the Kids’ Choice Awards this weekend, spoke to PEOPLE about making the transition from acting to pursuing a full-time music career.

“For years, I happily dedicated a vast majority of my life to doing the show, while I was doing music on the side,” she said. “Even though I truly miss the cast and crew so ridiculously much, I can commit way more of my time to my music, which is pretty exciting to me. I’m leaving behind any insecurities I had on set, and going through this journey as confidently as I can.”

Marano also spoke about her thought process behind choosing “Boombox” as her introduction to the music world.

“There was another song that was a potential single, but I just felt like this one was so much stronger,” she said. “Sonically, it has this Maroon 5 vibe that I love, and my voice sounds a little more mature and, lyrically, the story is relatable and really fun.”

Reporting by SARAH MICHAUD

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