May 20, 2015 04:05 PM

We’ve all had bad days at work, but Late Night with Seth Meyers took it one step further.

“When characters get upset on television shows, in movies, they will angrily swipe things off their desks,” Meyers said in setting up this funny clip from his Tuesday show. “That is the universal way of saying, ‘I’m angry.’ ”

To show us how it’s done, stars including Taraji P. Henson, Olivia Munn and Will Forte channeled their inner demons, knocking everything from laptops and tchotchkes to stuffed animals and liquor bottles off desks in slow motion.

“Cookie don’t want no cookies on her desk!” yelled Henson, swiping off sweets as if she were her Empire character.

“I’m nobody’s pawn,” said Rainn Wilson, as he swiped a chess set off his desk.

“The media will eat us alive!” screams Nathan Lane, tearing apart his work desk.

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Other actors in the skit included Andrew Rannells, who knocked a collection of Precious Moments figures off his desk, Jay Leno, who drove a set of miniature cars off his desk, and even the Count from Sesame Street, who gets downright furious at the letters of the alphabet.

The winner of the skit might be Forte, who hilariously ransacks the wrong desk before attempting to put it right – and then swiping it all off again.

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