June 09, 2015 09:20 AM

Ready for your uncomfortable moment of the day?

James Corden had his Late Late Show guests – Nick Offerman, Ellie Kemper and Thomas Middleditch – play Nuzzle Waaa? Monday night.

The object of the game is to identify a mystery item while blindfolded and using only your face.

Things started off okay when Offerman – who is more used to nuzzling with wife Megan Mullally – was able to identify a bunch of grapes first, while Kemper and Middleditch got close to ID’ing a giant Gummy Bear (with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘s star even taking a few big bites).

Things got a little squeamish, however, when Corden and Offerman were presented with a giant snake.

“I hate it!” screamed Kemper, nearly buckling at the knees when the snake was put between the pair’s faces.

The blindfolded duo got very friendly with the reptile – face to face, and lips to flickering tongue – before Offerman identified it.

“That’s upsetting,” Kemper continued to yell. “I’m not kidding.”

Then all four took part in a winner-take-all round in which a nearly naked Sumo wrestler was placed between them.

Their faces went lower and lower (… and lower) on the smiling, giggling Sumo until Corden finally wised up and won the round.

“In your face!” he yelled fittingly, while an upset Middleditch, who stayed in the game until the end, angrily threw his blindfold to the floor.

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