Corden is set to begin hosting The Late Late Show on Monday – here's why he'll be great at it

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
March 23, 2015 04:10 PM

While James Corden is not entirely new to the United States, he’s not entering The Late Late Show with nearly the same level of familiarity to U.S. audiences as his predecessor, Craig Ferguson.

For the uninitiated, here are some of Corden’s best TV moments that prove he’s got this gig on lock.

To the envy of teens everywhere (and grown adults, shut up), One Direction‘s Styles, then 19 years old, laid one on Corden during a kiss cam segment on A League of Their Own, which Corden has hosted since 2011. Though this was clearly scripted in advance, the kiss went on for far longer than Corden could have imagined, judging by his alarmed facial expression. (Okay, so maybe this one’s more on Styles. Make him a Late Late Show co-host! We’re easy.)

Later in the same episode, Corden tattooed Niall Horan‘s bum with his own face, because wouldn’t you, given the opportunity?

In a CollegeHumor short, Corden, 36, is the host of “Who Would You Be?” In the Game of Thrones edition, Corden asks three guests who they believe they most resemble in Westeros and beyond, but their guesses are too flattering for Corden’s liking. Watch to find out which one is Jorah and “known to lie to those who care about you causing them to force you out of their lives altogether.”

On The Graham Norton Show alongside Katy Perry and Paul McCartney, Corden was tasked with thinking up song lyrics on the fly to rhyme with unusual names in the audience. Check it out to find out how Corden manages to rhyme with a name that sounds like “Shisha-miso” and how he totally served McCartney when it came to rhyming with the name “Summer.”

Corden is as charming a guest as a host. Promoting his role in Into the Woods, he appeared on The Michael McIntyre Chat Show last year and played “Send to All” and “Phone Swap” with the host, and he truly could not have been more thrilled by the fact that David Hasselhoff’s number is in McIntyre’s phone. The fun begins in earnest at around minute five.

(Also, aren’t British talk shows so much more fun? Here’s hoping Corden brings some of that feel Stateside.)

Corden first guest-starred on Doctor Who in season 5, but they liked him so much they brought him back for season 6. Given the playful, behind-the-scenes shenanigans between himself and The Doctor himself, Matt Smith, it’s no wonder why his character made a reappearance. Fingers crossed that Craig Owens will one day meet Twelve (Peter Capaldi).

So, this one’s not one of his best moments necessarily, but it does show that he knows how to take an incredibly awkward situation and make it marginally less awkward? At the Glamour Awards in 2010, Stewart wasn’t a fan of Corden’s hosting style and told him, “When the presenters are up here an when the recipients are receiving their awards, don’t stand at the back of the stage with your hands in your pockets looking around as if you wished you were anywhere but here,” and, “From where I was sitting I could see your belly.” (Mean!)

Corden got in some jibes of his own, and he came out on top if only because Stewart’s comments were strangely, uncharacteristically and unaccountably rude. However, the real savior here was Zoe Saldana, who said she liked Corden’s belly. Give it a watch if your secondhand embarrassment threshold can take it.

The Late Late Show with James Corden premieres Tuesday at 12:35 a.m. ET.