Last Night's 'Idol' : Who Was Great?

Photo: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

While one of the favorites was having a bad night, other contestants were on top of their game Tuesday, when the top 12 performed songs by the Beatles:

David Cook took “Eleanor Rigby” for a rock n’ roll ride and Paula called him a “dark horse,” a “thoroughbred,” a “stallion,” and Simon a “donkey.”

Carly Smithson sang “Come Together” and Simon said it reminded him of Kelly Clarkson‘s top 12 performance six years ago.

Chikezie‘s blue grass version of “She’s A Woman” had Paula saying, “The reward paid off.”

Brooke White sat behind the piano and brought herself to tears singing “Let It Be.” Simon called the whole thing “believable.”

Amanda Overmyer blew Paula away with “You Can’t Do That.” Simon called her a (strong) “breath of fresh air.”

Michael Johns, who came from across the globe, sang “Across the Universe” in a “brilliant” performance, Paula said.

Tell us: Who was your favorite of the night? Ray Mickshaw/FOX

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