By People Staff
Updated May 16, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Mitch Haddad/ABC

On last night’s Grey’s Anatomy, titled “Losing My Mind,” more than a few of Seattle Grace’s doctors, residents and patients seemed to turn into mental cases.

Let’s review our patients’ charts …

In what must be a true breakdown, Rebecca continued to hold onto the belief that she’s pregnant with Alex’s baby. When confronted with the evidence that she was never pregnant in the first place, Rebecca breaks down and tells Alex she’s sorry she lost their baby. Clearly she’s not in her right mind, and we’ll see if Rebecca reverts back to Ava or possibly someone else altogether next week. Stay tuned … Still reeling from the news that Burke won a prestigious award, Cristina continued to behave oddly. Last week she sang “Like a Virgin,” this week she had the urge to clean. Or, as Callie says, “push dirt around.” She also verbally abused George and Lexie, which was more like the old Yang we know and love. Now give the poor girl a good storyline already! She can’t pine for Burke forever.

As for Mer, it seems like she can pine for Derek–and vice versa–for as long as creator Shonda Rhimes wants to drive us viewers crazy. Mer fired her shrink, Dr. Wyatt, for getting too close to the truth about her commitment issues. Luckily, she came to her senses and returned to therapy (because she’s not a quitter), and tells Wyatt, “You think I’m broken, fix me.” Oh, if it were that easy, Mer …

And just when we thought we were about to lose our minds dealing with the cuckoo’s nest that was last night’s Grey’s, along comes McSteamy like a breath of hot, sexy air, or something like that. After being labeled a “wh—,” McSteamy is determined to turn over a new leaf. But poor Sloan and his new neutered leaf are rebuffed.

Case in point: the cafeteria scene. Sloan: From now, if you want this (pointing south), you’re gonna get this, too (pointing to his head). Callie: Ew.

Luckily, the “new” Sloan reverts back to his old self when Callie dangles the idea of a threesome with Hahn. Then he witnesses Hahn’s same-sex kiss with Callie. The scene ends with Sloan heading to the on-call room with Callie for another sex session.

Tell us: Going into next week’s Grey’s finale, what would you like to see happen with each character’s storyline? Will the old Cristina return? What will happen with Alex and Rebecca’s relationship? Do you think Mer and Der will finally get back together?

Mitch Haddad/ABC