Why Larry David Thought He Was 'Getting Punked' When Jimmy Kimmel Invited Him to Dinner

Larry David says he was invited to dinner at Jimmy Kimmel's house, but showed up on the wrong day

Larry David's latest story sounds like a script from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday, the 74-year-old comedian shared a funny anecdote about a dinner party gone wrong with host Jimmy Kimmel himself.

Kimmel, 53, told his viewers David had been invited to have dinner at his house, and while the Seinfeld creator didn't cancel, they never ended up dining together that night.

"Yeah, okay, so he invited me for dinner, this guy — I don't really know him," David quipped. "I don't know why you would invite me because leaving my house requires talking and listening. You know, listening, not my forte."

Larry David
jimmy Kimmel live/ youtube

He continued, "Anyway, I show up at his house and nobody is home."

Kimmel backed up David's account, and even had texts from that day to explain what happened. He pulled up a message from David reading, "I'm outside! Can't get in. Larry."

In response, the host wrote, "It's next Monday! I am at a funeral - sorry pal."

Despite the mixup, David managed to find a silver lining in the situation. Writing back, he replied "Holy s---!!! Hahaha," adding, "Good panel for next time I'm on!"

Larry David
jimmy Kimmel live/ youtube

Kimmel agreed on Tuesday's episode that David had been right about the material, telling his guest, "Exactly! It worked out."

With that being said, David admitted he initially thought the late night host had pranked him with the dinner invite, telling Kimmel, "I thought you played a practical joke on me. It was a prank. I thought I was getting punked ... I thought, 'I'm never doing that show again. Kimmel is done.' "

Larry David
jimmy Kimmel live/ youtube

According to Kimmel, however, his guest didn't end up showing for their original dinner date. When questioned as to why, David just shook his head and leaned back in his chair, telling Kimmel, "I got it up once, to do it, you know. Couldn't go the second time."

While Kimmel commended him for "making the effort," David insisted he's open to another dinner party.

"But you know what, do me a favor. Try it again," he told the host. "'Cause I never have people to my house. You're not getting invited to my house."

In the end, David explained the confusion was nothing personal, and it all boiled down to a simple excuse: "I don't write anything down," he said.

"I think I'm smart enough to retain it in my head. 'Oh, dinner with Jimmy on Monday.' Okay, it's in my head. I've noted it in my head. But, you know, it doesn't work out that way," he teased.

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