Larry David Asks All the 'Idiots Out There' to Stay Home in Coronavirus PSA

The Curb Your Enthusiasm creator and star appeared in a PSA for the California governor's office

Larry David
Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty

If you’re aren’t adhering to the crucial social distancing guidelines, prepare to be shamed by the one and only Larry David.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm creator and star, 72, appeared in a new PSA for the California governor’s office urging all the “idiots out there” to stay home in order to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Currently, over 30 U.S. states are under stay-at-home orders that require residents to stay indoors as much as possible and avoid gathering in groups.

“Obviously, somebody put me up to this ’cause it’s generally not the kind of thing I do, but I basically want to address the idiots out there,” David begins. “And you know who you are, you’re going out, I don’t know what you’re doing, you’re socializing too close, it’s not good. You’re hurting old people like me — well, not me, I have nothing to do with you, I’ll never see you, but let’s say other old people, who might be your relatives! Who the hell knows?”

“The problem is you’re passing up a fantastic opportunity, a once in a lifetime opportunity, to stay in the house, sit on the couch and watch TV,” he continues. “I don’t know how you’re passing that up. Well, maybe ’cause you’re not that bright. But here it is — go home, watch TV. That’s my advice to you.”

“You know, if you’ve seen my show, nothing good ever happens going out of the house, you know that,” he adds. “There’s just trouble out there. It’s not a good place to be. So stay home and don’t see anyone.”

The U.S. now has the most cases of coronavirus in the world. As of Wednesday morning, there are at least 188,247 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country and at least 3,921 people have died from coronavirus-related illness, a total that has tripled in five days.

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