Former 'Saved by the Bell' Star Lark Voorhies Says She's Being Impersonated Online by Fake Social Media Accounts

The former TV star is trying to get the fake accounts removed from Instagram and Twitter

Photo: Kwaku Alston

Lark Voorhies is frustrated with several active social media accounts, which keep being attributed to the former TV actress.

“Once again I would like to reiterate that I do not have an Instagram account nor have I ever had one. The statements being made from [the Twitter account] @thelarkvoorhies are not coming from me,” Voorhies tells PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. “The person or people committing this identity fraud are causing great distress to myself and my family. They are treating this like a sick joke.”

For months, statements made on the accounts have caused trouble for the former Saved By the Bell teen star. In December, Voorhies had to issue a statement that she doesn’t have lupus after it appeared on the Instagram account.

“She doesn’t want to be perceived as someone faking an illness,” her rep told PEOPLE at the time.

“Any posting ending with ‘LV’ is not from me,” she says about the signature at the end of each statement.

She prefers that her fans and any followers go to her Facebook page, which she says is her only social media account.

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