Lara Spencer is counting the days until she's back on Good Morning America following her hip replacement surgery

By Brittany King
Updated September 06, 2016 12:05 PM
Credit: ABC/Getty

ABC Breaking News | Latest News VideosA little over three weeks after her hip replacement surgery, Lara Spencer is reassuring everyone that she’s heeling up nicely.

On Tuesday’s episode of Good Morning America, the show’s 47-year-old co-anchor phoned in to give an update on her health. Spencer had undergone a right hip replacement on Aug. 13, after having dealt with years of chronic pain.

“Hi guys, I miss you,” Spencer told her co-hosts on air. “I’m feeling great.”

She went on to thank her co-host, Robin Roberts, 55, for coming to see her post-surgery.

“Robin, that day that we spent together was priceless,” Spencer said. “One of the main things about surgery like this … it’s a big deal. You’re fatigued … it consumes you. So, to have somebody that you love, come up and take your mind off the troubles and the pain and make you laugh for two hours is worth its weight in gold.”

“The Rosé helped,” Roberts joked back.

“I’m up to almost a mile a day, Walking,” Spencer added. “At physical therapy I ride the bike and do loads of exercises … that has gotten to me really where I am today. I am so hopeful that I will be back with you guys before you know it.”

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