Lamar Odom Still Facing Cognitive Challenges as He Continues to Recover, Source Says Two Months After Overdose

A source tells PEOPLE, however, that there is potential for Lamar to be in good health in the future

Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty

Lamar Odom still has a long way to go on his path to recovery, but a source tells PEOPLE that it’s still “very possible” that the former NBA player could have a healthy future.

Odom, who was hospitalized after a near-fatal overdose over two months ago, is still in rehabilitation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

In November, an insider told PEOPLE the 36-year-old’s cognitive impairment is “making life very challenging,” a statement that still holds true according to the source.

“The amazing thing about the brain is that it’s sometimes able to repair itself beyond what one could have hoped for,” the source says. “It’s very possible that Lamar will do much better in the future. Right now, however, he still suffers many challenges.”

Odom’s brain was “severely oxygen deprived” after the overdose and resulting strokes, according to the source, and he now suffers from both memory loss and confusion.

The source also says that the star “has acquired a oral motor speech disorder.”

“This makes it difficult for him to express himself verbally,” they explain.

Spontaneous speech recovery is still a possibility, however, and Odom is being treated with speech therapy.

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In addition, the athlete is struggling to walk on his own. “Only time will tell how much Lamar is able to recover,” the source says.

Through it all, Odom’s family has been by his side. His estranged wife Khloé Kardashian and famous crew visited the star on Thanksgiving, and Kanye West even played some of his upcoming new album for him.

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