The Kardashians Are Worried for Lamar Odom After He Broke His Promise to Khloé to Stay Sober: 'There Have Been Talks About Rehab,' Says Source

The former athlete is still recovering from a near-fatal overdose last October

Photo: az-daddy/X17online

Four months have passed since Lamar Odom left the hospital following his overdose last October, and the 36-year-old former athlete’s recent behavior has Khloé and her family worried.

“Khloé and her family have all expressed concerns,” says a Keeping Up with the Kardashians insider of Odom, who was spotted drinking alcohol twice in the last few weeks, a pattern which medical sources have described as unwise. “The family doesn’t think Lamar should be drinking, and they are nervous about his behavior.”

Kardashian specifically is upset, says the insider. “Lamar made a promise to Khloé not to drink or abuse drugs after his health scare. The concerns are that his addictive personality once again is taking over and he won’t be able to control the drinking.”

The topic of professional help has also been raised. “There have been talks about rehab for Lamar,” says the insider. “He just doesn’t seem to agree with the concerns.”

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