"Stay in your f---ing lane little girl," Kardashian tweeted at one critic. "You know nothing about anything. You're a sheep herded by society."

Amid a flurry of reports concerning Lamar Odom‘s worrying behavior, Khloé Kardashian is taking to Twitter to address the news.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 32, tweeted a sad emoji Tuesday morning after news broke that her estranged husband, who has been in recovery from a near-fatal overdose since October, was spotted near a Los Angeles strip club on Monday before being reportedly escorted off a plane en route to New York City. (According to TMZ, Odom threw up both in the galley and in the plane bathroom. Representatives for Delta had no comment when reached by PEOPLE, and the LAX police department had not received a report of the incident.)

Twitter users began responding to Kardashian’s initial tweet – including one who voiced her criticism for the reality star.

“Instead of running the streets with [Mr. Steal Your Girl] you need to be helping your HUSBAND,” tweeted the user, referencing Kardashian’s reported fling with singer Trey Songz.

“Stay in your f—ing lane little girl,” Kardashian tweeted back. “You know nothing about anything. You’re a sheep herded by society.”

Kardashian also responded to fans offering words of support.

“It’s out of your hands Khlo,” tweeted one fan, to which Kardashian responded: “Just pray,” adding several heart emojis.

“You’re doing what you can, unfortunately he makes his own choices. Stay strong,” tweeted another fan.

“Love you lots. Thank you,” Kardashian replied.

Added another fan: “You can only do so much Khlo, just pray,” to which the reality star tweeted back: “Amen.”

“You gave him your hand, he didn’t take it. Stay strong, you are our role model,” tweeted another.

Replied Kardashian: “Thank you sweet heart. I love you.”

In response to a tweet that you “can’t save every soul,” Kardashian responded: “But we like to try.”

“I’m OK! About to go work out and everything will be OK,” she continued. “Time to get my ass kicked in the gym! After a vacation, this won’t be easy lol but it’s a must. I think I can! I think I can!

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Odom’s reported plane incident comes just one day after a source told PEOPLE the former NBA star had chosen to vacate a home he was renting near Kardashian.

In recent months, Odom appears to have fallen back into bad habits and was spotted drinking alone. In May, Kardashian filed divorce papers for a second time.

A source told PEOPLE last month of Kardashian’s choice to stop speaking her ex: “She’s sick of it. She feels like she’s done everything she can and it’s just ridiculous at this point.”