RuPaul, Elton John and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were some of the guests who joined Mother Monster onstage

By Erin Clements
November 29, 2013 12:00 PM

As Kermit the Frog recently noted, the Muppets have a long history with Lady Gaga. Mother Monster took the dapper amphibian as her date to the VMAs in 2009, and has even worn him as a fashion statement.

So, it wasn’t a huge surprise that the “Born this Way” songstress was joined by the Muppets crew for a holiday-themed musical special that aired on ABC Thursday evening … especially since Gaga is promoting her new album, ArtPop, and Kermit, Piggy and Co. star in the upcoming flick Muppets Most Wanted.

In case you missed the show, which featured guest appearances from RuPaul, Elton John, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Kristen Bell, we’ve rounded up some of the most memorable clips below.

Gaga and RuPaul are two fiercely dressed divas, so it was fitting that they dueted on “Fashion.” Statler and Waldorf seemed to approve of the pair’s performance, proclaiming, “Now I’ve seen everything.”

Gordon-Levitt’s rendition of the holiday classic was our favorite since his 500 Days of Summer costar Zooey Deschanel offered hers in Elf.

Elton John joined the godmother of his sons on the title track of Gaga’s new release … after adapting one of his own greatest hits for the occasion (“Gaga and the Jets” does have a nice ring to it.)

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem played on this Gaga track, which also featured backup vocals from Fozzie, Gonzo, Rowlf and other plush pals, proving what we already knew: Muppets make everything better.