Julie Montagu manages the Mapperton Estate with her husband, British noble Luke Timothy Charles Montagu
Former Ladies of London Star Says She Was Chased by Cows While Taking Photos at an English Estate
Credit: Julie Montagu/Instagram

Ladies of London alum and future Countess of Sandwich Julie Montagu is getting her hands a little dirty — thanks to a few cows.

On Monday, the former Bravo star recounted a recent ordeal in a lengthy Instagram post featuring before and after photos of when she was allegedly chased by cows during a photoshoot at the Mapperton Estate, which she manages with her husband, Luke Timothy Charles Montagu, Viscount Hinchingbrooke — son of the 11th Earl of Sandwich.

The first photo showed Montagu, 46, smiling in a stunning white dress, taken before her run-in with the cows. The next photo, taken supposedly after the cow incident, featured Montagu standing outside with her dress pulled up looking disheveled as her boots sat nearby filled with mud.

“BEFORE the cows 🐄 chased me and AFTER….(swipe left),” the reality star-turned-TV host of the new Smithsonian Channel series, An American Aristocrat’s Guide to Great Estates, began in her post caption.

“Honestly, I had the best intentions today (thinking of things to do whilst in this pandemic) and wearing this @rebeccalsweeting 1930s gorgeous dress and having @nestormontagu_photography take photos in the magnificent bluebells covering the grounds here at @mapperton_estate before they disappear….so I got the dress on, walked 30 minutes in the dress (and wellies of course) to the bluebells,” she said.

“However, as I was singing his praises while walking back home – we were suddenly surrounded by Mapperton cows – ALL heading straight towards us,” the mother of four recalled. “No they weren’t charging us, they were, I suspect curious as to why on Earth someone was dressed like me in the middle of the fields… I get it, I would be too!”

Julie Montagu
Julie Montagu
| Credit: Smithsonian Channel

Montagu said that the cows “got a little too close for comfort,” recalling that as she “began to slowly walk up the hill and away…. I sank into knee deep mud (look at the wellies in photo 2 for proof) and unable to get my boots unstuck.”

“Nestor who managed to escape under the fence was imploring his mother to ‘leave the boots!’ ‘Just get out!’ But I didn’t listen and instead used my hands to dig deep into the mud (and I assume other cow bits) to grab my boots …. and somehow manage to roll under the fence to safety while the cows peered over looking very confused,” she said.

“So, ummmmmm, once I recover from the shock of it all – I’ll post the bluebell photos. 😂,” Montagu continued. “Oh, and one last question… my husband said I should have just turned around and stood tall facing the 🐮 …. 🤔 and they would have left. However, I’m not so sure about that…. anyone else?”

Luckily for the future countess, her white gown “came out unscathed somehow.”

“A bit of mud here and there but I’ve been told – super easy to clean,” Montagu said of the dress.