Ladies of London wraps its third season Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo

Ladies of London wraps its third season Tuesday night — but not before (at least) one final blow-up.

Marissa Hermer stopped by PEOPLE Now to tease a bit of drama to come, particularly as it involves the show’s resident ice queen Caroline Stanbury and her controversially blunt pal Juliet Angus.

“There is drama around the dinner table. We cannot get together as a group without any drama,” said Hermer. “But the drama is —Juliet Angus actually, who’s not afraid of drama herself, brings up the concept of loyalty and what that is. A lot of us around the dinner table have a lot of different ideas about what that is.”

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As for how to approach rows with Stanbury, who has been a lightning rod for the the other Ladies since at least episode 1 of the current season, Hermer offered a few pro tips.

“You sort of just have to talk to her and calm her down. She does fly off the handle sometimes — let’s be honest. … But you also have to ignore her for either five minutes or five hours or five days until she goes through her, sort of, tizz,” she shared. “And she calms down and she forgets about it and she’s perfectly fine; meanwhile, you’ve been emotionally scarred, like, forever because of the violent texts or emails you’ve been receiving.”

Of course, Hermer takes it all in stride after coming out the other side of the life-threatening delivery of her daughter Sadie, now 9 months, and a bout with post-natal depression.

“It was definitely the scariest, most challenging, most emotionally draining time of my life,” she acknowledged of the past year. “You sort of don’t think there’s an end in sight. You forget, I used to be happy.”

But, aside from a little grown-up drama, Hermer shared that “everything’s okay now. Thankfully, it’s a distant memory.”

As to whether there’s an end in sight for Ladies of London, Hermer’s not so sure. Despite both her move to Los Angeles with her family and Stanbury’s relocation to Dubai, this Lady thinks there’s plenty of opportunity to keep the series going.

“Dubai’s very hot in the summer, so I can’t imagine that Caroline would spend the summers in Dubai,” said Hermer. “For our family … we’ll spend the school year in L.A. and we’ll be back at our house in London for the summers in Europe.”

And she might even spin off some adventures with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump, whom she says she “looking forward to working with” as a fellow restaurateur.

In other words, keep those cameras at hand, producers!

Ladies of London wraps its third season Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.