Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson Explain the Special Meaning Behind Their First Dance

"Originally Robert didn't want to do a first dance," Johnson tells PEOPLE


Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec have their dancing shoes on – again!

As the couple gears up to exchange vows, Johnson and Herjavec plan to relive their Dancing with the Stars days with a choreographed dance routine to LunchMoney Lewis’ “Bills,” which backed up their first-ever routine as partners on DWTS.

“We’re kind of reprising that dance, but with our bridal party instead of professional dancers,” Johnson says of the performance – though Herjavec chimed in: “Everybody in your side of the bridal party is a professional dancer.”

Fellow DWTS alum Cheryl Burke will join the routine alongside Johnson, 39, and Herjavec, 53.

Herjavec says he, Johnson and the rest of the bridal party have been practicing for a “long time” and the couple will even whip out a more intimate number on their big day.

“We’re doing a romantic dance first to ‘At Last’ by Etta James,” Herjavec reveals.

“Then the bridal party are going to come on to the dance floor and we’re going to be doing a fun dance that’s going to surprise everyone I hope,” Johnson adds. “So, it’s getting everyone on board though. I think the bridal party are a little freaked out that we’re making them dance.”

The choreographed dances weren’t originally part of the pair’s wedding plans, though.

“Originally Robert didn’t want to do a first dance. We sort of said no to doing a first dance, were just going get up and do the little sway thing – but I think the people at the wedding will expect us to do something,” Johnson says.

They began dating last spring and became engaged earlier this year.

On the night of, partygoer and fellow Dancing with the Stars costar Derek Hough, shared a sneak peek at the couple’s first dance on his Snapchat.

In the video, the newly married couple stepped onto the dance floor and tore it up in front of a ballroom full of guests – just like old times.

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