How Kylie Jenner Has Supported Jordyn Woods: TV Fame, Luxe Vacations, a Car and a Makeup Line

Jordyn Woods has parlayed her friendship with Kylie Jenner into millions of Instagram followers

Kardashian family friend Jordyn Woods committed the “ultimate betrayal” when she allegedly hooked up with Tristan Thompson, sources say – especially considering her status as an Instagram influencer and model is largely thanks to Kylie Jenner.

As those who keep up with the Kardashians know, Khloé had been dating NBA star Thompson since 2016, although they hit a rough patch 10 months ago, when he allegedly cheated on her days before she gave birth to their daughter True. Jenner, of course, is Khloé’s half-sister, and Woods is her closest friend.

“This wasn’t like a friend of her younger sister. This was a member of their extended family,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She shares every birthday and celebration. The Kardashians welcome you in and honor every moment in their shared lives. Knowing the anguish [Khloé] had gone through, everyone is still in shock. It’s the ultimate betrayal.”

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Reps for Thompson, 27, and Kardashian, 34, did not return PEOPLE’s request for comment. Woods’ rep had no comment.

A source confirms to PEOPLE that Jenner, 21, bought Woods a car and would throw birthday parties for her closest confidante.

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The two have been inseparable over the years, with Woods, 21, leveraging her fame via Jenner into collaborations with brands like TooFaced — and gaining more than 8 million Instagram followers along the way.

The source tells PEOPLE that the Kardashians are “happy” for the success Woods has achieved and are more “heartbroken” over the situation than they are angry.

Jenner publicly celebrated her friend’s success in August 2018, when Woods launched SECNDNTURE, a size-inclusive street style activewear line.

“I’m proud of my bestie for making her dreams into reality!” Jenner wrote on social media. “I’ve seen first hand how long you’ve been working on this!”

Woods acknowledged her friend’s excitement to PEOPLE, saying, “She was excited for me because she knows this is something that I have been wanting to do for a while and I love designing.”

Jenner also included Woods in her Kylie Cosmetics company, which Forbes reported in July was worth nearly $800 million.

The two collaborated on a line called KylieXJordyn, which launched in September 2018 with a $45 eyeshadow palette called “Jordyn Palette” and a highlighter with shades called “no new friends,” “inseparable,” “best life” and “together forever.”

Woods even got a shoutout in Jenner’s famed lipsticks with a matte lipstick named after her called “Woods” and a “Jordy” Velvet Liquid Lipstick Lip Kit, the price of which was slashed after the cheating scandal broke.

“Jordyn and I have had a true unmatchable relationship and I consider her family,” Jenner wrote ahead of the collaboration. “She’s helped me remain ME throughout all these years and this is the first time we have collaborated on such a project!”

Woods’ profile has been on the rise since she was featured in episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Life of Kylie, as well on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page.

She even accompanied Jenner in a 2017 BuzzFeed video in which the pals played with puppies while answering questions to promote Life of Kylie.

“Me and Jordyn met through mutual friends,” Jenner explains in the video. “She put her name in my phone and we just got closer and closer throughout the years and realized all we need is each other and now we’re our only friends.”

In recent months, Woods has touted a collaboration with the makeup brand TooFaced, as well as a line of false lashes for the brand Eylure.

Her Instagram also features sponsorships with brands like Burger King, Lululemon, St. Ives and Express.

Woods even has a Khloé connection — in October 2016, she starred in the debut campaign for Kardashian’s size-inclusive brand Good American.

And it’s not all business: Woods frequently accompanies Jenner on lavish getaways, like the tropical vacation they took in January to celebrate the first birthday of Jenner’s daughter Stormi Webster.

“MY GIRLS,” Jenner wrote alongside a photo of Woods and Stormi.

“Love these two more than life itself,” she captioned a second snap.

Woods and Jenner even got “married” with a commitment ceremony on a trip to Peru together that was chronicled in the season finale of Life of Kylie.

“There are different types of relationships – we’re definitely in one,” Woods said. “Not necessarily sexual, but definitely emotional. It’s draining sometimes. I don’t want to say she’s a needy girlfriend, but…”

As for Jenner’s relationship with her sister, a source told PEOPLE that things are “fine” between the two.

“They are sisters and they will always love each other,” the source said. “She understands it’s not Kylie’s fault. Kylie is a full-time mom and busy. (It has) nothing to do with her.”

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