Kylie Jenner on Growing Up in the Spotlight: 'Turning 18 Was Kind of Sad for Me'

The reality star talked about "growing up and making mistakes" in a post on her new website

Photo: Courtesy Kylie Jenner

Growing up isn’t easy, and Kylie Jenner can readily admit that.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, who turned 18 on Aug. 10, penned a birthday essay that she published on her newly launched website on Tuesday.

“It’s funny when I think about people see me,” she says. “Everyone thinks that I want to be older than I am, that I’ve been in some huge rush to turn 18. But in a weird way, turning 18 was kind of sad for me. Sad, but exciting at the same time; it’s a milestone.”

The post also includes several new pictures from Jenner’s birthday vacation in Mexico, and the reality star called the getaway a “dope fiesta” with family and friends. Jenner’s 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga was also on the trip, and the two were spotted walking hand in hand on the beach.

Jenner goes on to describe how she always thought of herself as “the baby of the family” – but that “now there’s a whole lot more responsibility that goes along with life.”

“People are expecting more out of me and that’s overwhelming and nerve-racking,” Jenner writes.

The reality star also addresses the constant speculation that surrounds her: “I feel like people are also expecting me to just go wild now, as if I’ve been holding back. But I’m still the same girl that I was the last month, when I was 17.”

“I’m still growing up, learning and making mistakes, just like any other teenager would – yet millions of people are watching and judging me,” she continues. “That’s the part I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to.”

Another attention-grabbing post from her new website released Monday is a video in which she shut down rumors she got breast augmentation surgery and revealed the secret behind her cleavage to be a push-up bra by Victoria’s Secret.

Most recently, the reality star partied in New York on Tuesday night with Tyga and her famous sisters to celebrate her recent Galore cover.

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