On Sunday's Life of Kylie season finale, Kylie Jenner supported her best friend Jordyn Woods when she told the reality star she wanted to spend some time apart to focus on her career

By Dana Rose Falcone
September 17, 2017 10:13 PM

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods are taking some time apart.

On Sunday’s Life of Kylie season finale, the reality star supported her best friend when Woods said she wanted to distance herself in order to focus on her career. Before the besties went in separate directions, they declared their love for one another in a commitment ceremony. Still in Peru, where the cosmetics mogul was visiting children who benefitted from the donations of her Smile lip kit, the ladies donned all white and exchanged vows (which Kylie read off of her phone) in front of Kylie’s assistant Victoria and Kris Jenner — who was concerned about the lack of prenuptial agreement in place.

The lip kit maven, 20, and the model, 19, argued at first when Woods opened up about wanting to pursue her own dreams and not following her famous friend on all of her adventures, but Kylie quickly came around to support her closest pal. Kylie also admitted she doesn’t keep a lot of people in her inner circle. Upon leaving South America, the two felt comfortable with the future of their friendship and headed to their next destinations separately. Kylie jetted to Houston, where she want to catch the concert of an unnamed male performer, and Woods firmly stated that she wouldn’t follow the E! star to Texas.

Though Woods felt confident knowing she’d be seeing Kylie slightly less going forward, she understands things will be different for both of them. Read on for what Kylie had to say about her relationship with Woods, as well as her impression of Peru.

On her social circle…
“I like to keep a really small friend group. Just Jordyn, Victoria. They bring out a part of me that I love. Jordyn and I are always on the road and we’re always doing something. We just have a connection that is once in a lifetime.”

On how Woods feels probably feels in the spotlight
“I do think it’s hard to be the best friend. It’s a lot of attention. Dealing with me and my family becomes a lot of positive, but a lot of negative too.”

On how Kris deals with pressure…
“She’s a lot like Kendall. Like they freak out over the little things. That’s definitely how we’re different.”

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On her mom’s thoughts on her friendship with Woods…
“I think my mom thinks were a little crazy.”

On Peruvian cuisine…
“I just don’t understand how they love the alpacas like dogs, but then they eat them.”

On why she and Woods wanted to have a commitment ceremony…
“It’s like a marriage for friends. I want people to know that we’re more than that. She’s my girlfriend. I care for her like I care for my girlfriend.”

On supporting Woods…
“All I want for Jordyn is to have all the success in the world and I want her to know that I’m always gonna be here to support her on whatever. I just think everything is happening perfectly for her. She’s going at the perfect pace. She’s accomplished so many things so far. I’m just really proud of her. Jordyn is my ride or die. Vice versa. We might not always be together, but we will always be connected in the mountains of Peru.”

On how she feels after visiting Peru…
“This has been an amazing chapter of my life. Just experiences I’ll remember forever like meeting Ari and doing Smile Train. I’m just like really genuinely happy right now. I couldn’t be more myself. I feel way more free. Life is good.”