Kylie Jenner and BFF Jordyn Woods 'Got Pulled Over' By Police After 21st Birthday Celebration

"We got pulled over," Jordyn Woods said, laughing, "But we didn't drive. It's okay."

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Kylie Jenner kicked off her BFF Jordyn Woods‘ 21st birthday celebrations on Thursday night — and the weekend is already one to remember.

Just over a month after Jenner turned 21, Woods celebrated her special day with the Kylie Cosmetics founder on Thursday night, when the pair had an innocent run-in with the law.

For the night out, Woods wore a metallic, red spaghetti-strap mini dress with heels while Jenner wore a strapless mini brown dress, also with heels.

Jordyn Woods/Instagram

The birthday girl documented the evening on her Instagram Story, including her “party of three” dinner with Jenner and a male friend, which was followed by a “Happy Birthday” serenade to Woods as some folks at the establishment (including Jenner!) held large, printed cut-outs of her face.

Jordyn Woods/Instagram

Following the celebration, the duo traded the club for singing in the backseat of a car. “When you ditch the club to sing love songs with your wifey,” Woods captioned footage of herself and Jenner.

Jordyn Woods/Instagram
Jordyn Woods/Instagram
Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Although Woods or Jenner weren’t driving, their vehicle was pulled over shortly after by authorities.

“Tryna be a hater right now,” Woods said as she filmed blue and red police car lights through the back window of their vehicle.

“We got pulled over,” she said laughing while Jenner stuck her tongue out. “But we didn’t drive. It’s okay.”

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Their evening out came a day before the pair’s KyliexJordyn partnership releases — the full range of products drop on Friday at 3 p.m. PST — which includes new lip gloss colors and cool holographic eye palettes.

On Wednesday, Jenner posted a full video of the glitzy photoshoot they put together for the collection’s new campaign to her YouTube page. The clip captured her and Woods as they posed in coordinating glittery bodysuits and sultry skin-tight ensembles (Jenner in a tan leotard and Woods in a pink dress). Footage from the video also appeared on Jenner’s Instagram.

Since the beginning of her business we wanted to collab together because we’re always sharing ideas with each other,” Woods told PEOPLE in August, adding that it took “at least a year” of brainstorming until the pair settled on the final version. “We’ve redesigned the collection at least five times because we couldn’t settle on one thing. We had multiple different [ones] we thought it was going to be and we finally figured out one that made sense.”

All of the names of the individual products have to do with Jenner and Woods’ bond. Sample titles include “true love,” “soul mate,” “sister,” “ride-or-die,” “my heart,” “marry me,” “loyal,” “don’t you ever leave me,” and “love you bitch.”

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