Kylie Jenner Crashed a Sacramento High School Prom — and Caused a Social Media Frenzy

Kylie Jenner never attended a prom of her own, opting to be home-schooled after ninth grade

Photo: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat

Although Emma Stone had to politely decline a teen’s promposal due to work obligations, Kylie Jenner made a Sacramento high school student’s celebrity dream date come true.

The 19-year-old reality star accompanied junior Albert Ochoa to Rio Americano High School prom on Saturday night, bringing along her longtime pal Jordyn Woods for the festivities.

Jenner’s presence caused a stir on social media with several students, including Ochoa’s sister, posting videos of the makeup mogul surrounded by fans at the prom.

“TELL ME WHY MY BROTHER TOOK KYLIE JENNER TO PROM 2NIGHT !!!!!!!” the sister wrote on Twitter, later posting a video of Jenner giving her date a hug.

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Although Jenner didn’t post any photos from the surprise appearance, she did share a Snapchat photo with Woods looking sleepy on a plane, in which they both donned corsages.

While Woods looked gorgeous in a red floor-length gown, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wore a silk one-shoulder blush dress.

Jenner never attended a prom of her own, opting to be home-schooled after ninth grade.

In 2013, she talked to Seventeen Prom about what her dream dance would look like.

“I don’t have a boyfriend, but I do really want that boyfriend prom experience. I would want to go with someone who’s not afraid, or doesn’t think that he’s too cool, to show up at my house with a rose corsage,” she told the magazine. “It would be nice for the guy to come over and be respectful and nice while my mom takes prom pics.”

Her sister Kendall Jenner has said she has no regrets about skipping her own prom.

“Sooo, I’m not sure if you knew this about me, but I didn’t go to prom,” the model wrote on her website and app. “I feel like – whatever, it’s not that big of a deal! You’re not going to regret it the rest of your life, I can promise you that.”

She continues, “Why not use the excuse to veg out in your comfies with classic HS flicks and homemade pizza?”

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