Kylie Jenner Adopts a Rabbit, Names It Bruce

The youngest Jenner has posted her fuzzy, gray pet on Instagram several times

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage)

There’s a new member in the Jenner clan, but it lacks the family’s trademark dark tresses. It’s also a rabbit.

The fuzzy gray guy is the new acquisition of Kylie Jenner, who has been sharing images of him on Instagram. Of course, the fact that the youngest Jenner has a new pet isn’t as remarkable as what she chose to name it.


Yep, Kylie gave her new rabbit the same name that Caitlyn Jenner once went by. You could maybe make the argument that the name had been left up for grabs?

Check out Bruce the rabbit in his new natural element – an Instagram post.

Kylie hasn’t said why she chose the name Bruce, exactly, but an animal known for hopping isn’t a bad animal to inherit the name. In Caitlyn Jenner’s days as an Olympic athlete, she did specialize in track-and-field events, after all.

Aside from enjoying this new addition to family, Kylie has been busy preparing for her 18th birthday on Aug 10. On Monday, Kris Jenner posted to Instagram a photo of Kylie in her younger days along with the caption, “Morning, freckle face! You are almost 18!”

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And on Tuesday, Kylie took to Twitter to refute rumors that she is engaged to her boyfriend, Tyga.

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