"As their friend, it's just a given — I just don't talk about those things," said Kyle Richards

By Aurelie Corinthios
February 07, 2018 10:51 AM

Kyle Richards knew Kylie Jenner was pregnant all along — but her lips were sealed!

During her Tuesday appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, a caller asked Richards whether she saw Jenner’s baby bump while attending Kris Jenner‘s annual Christmas Eve party — the exact same question she refused to answer while appearing on the late-night talk show last month. Except now that Jenner has publicly confirmed that she welcomed a baby girl, Stormi Webster, with rapper Travis Scott, Richards can finally speak freely.

“People think I’m the Kardashians’ flipping doula!” quipped Richards, 49. “People ask about Khloé, Kim and Kylie’s pregnancies like I’m their doula.”

Asked if she had to sign a non-disclosure agreement before walking into the party, Richards said no.

“Friends just don’t do that kind of thing!” she said. “It was a given thing. Of course she was there, and of course she was pregnant.”

Pressed by Cohen to reveal whether the family at least explicitly asked her not to discuss Jenner’s pregnancy in public, Richards explained that it was more of an unspoken understanding.

“The Kardashians know they don’t have to tell me that,” she said. “Obviously, as their friend, it’s just a given. I just don’t talk about those things.”

A source recently told PEOPLE that Jenner decided to keep her pregnancy journey private because she “didn’t want the public scrutiny — and didn’t think it would be healthy for her or the baby.”

“She really wasn’t ready for the pregnancy news to come out,” said the source. “She knew it was inevitable, but she knew she would be judged for being so young. Kylie’s very sensitive and is obsessed with her public image.”

And while staying out of the spotlight helped the reality star prepare for the baby, the source said she may begin to open up a little more.

“She will take things as they come, but she’s excited to get back out there and have fun again,” said the source.