In a gut wrenching video on Hollywood Medium, Henry does an emotional reading with Richards connecting her with her sister's former fiancé

August 04, 2016 02:00 PM

Tyler Henry continues the streak of celebrity chills with his emotional readings on Hollywood Medium.

In another sneak peek at Henry’s reading with Kyle Richards, the reader connects the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star with her sister Kim‘s murdered fiancé.

“There’s a man coming through,” he says. “This man was murdered – not a natural passing. There’s a man connecting with your sister that would’ve been murdered.”

The murdered man, Richards believes, is John Collett, who was engaged to Kim nearly 25 years ago. In October 1991, Collett was gunned down in a San Fernando Valley deli over what was believed to be a business deal gone wrong. Kim was on the phone with Collett when it happened and had to identify the body.

This shocking sneak peek comes following Henry’s revelation that the Richards sisters’ late mother wants Kyle to “let go” of the responsibility she feels for 51-year-old Kim, who has long struggled with her sobriety.

Henry also touches on an unborn child, with whom the Richards sisters’ mother has been communicating on the other side: “There is an acknowledgement of this child,” Henry says. “That basically did not get to be born. It would have probably been a very traumatic thing for a person to go through.”

“I think my sister Kim had [a miscarriage] probably,” says Kyle, 47. “I think one of her kids was actually a twin and one didn’t make it.”

Henry notes that there seems to be a connection occurring between the unborn child and Kim’s former fiancé.

“So even though the man that passed away and the child weren’t biologically related, there’s still a reference of a connection on the other side because they’re connected through [Kim],” says Henry.

Hollywood Medium returns Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on E!

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