The exes finalized their divorce in February but are currently isolating together with their three kids

By Aurelie Corinthios
May 28, 2020 12:29 PM

Kyle Martino and Eva Amurri have come a long way.

In a sneak peek at his appearance on fubo Sports Network's The Cooligans, which airs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET, the NBC Sports analyst reflected on their relationship and divorce, which was finalized in February — a month and a half before they welcomed their third child, son Mateo, on March 13.

"I met Eva at a time in my life that was really tough — I had just had a career-ending injury," recalled Martino, a former professional soccer player who wed Amurri, an actress and lifestyle blogger, in 2011.

"Didn't realize it then, but realize it now, was going through serious depression, and had during most of my career and didn't realize know how to deal with it," he admitted. "So, I mean, she was there to save my life, really, at a time that was incredibly tumultuous. Without the game as a cathartic anchor to keep me grounded every single day, I was just really all over the place. And it was leading to a really bad state of just feeling super down and not wanting to get out of bed. No one really knew it, because I could put on an act, and act like everything was okay."

"So we met and really fell in love quickly. We needed each other. Her parents were splitting the month we met," he continued, referencing Amurri's mom, actress Susan Sarandon, breaking up with actor Tim Robbins after 23 years together in December 2009. (Amurri's birth father is Italian director Franco Amurri, whom Sarandon dated in the mid-80s.)

"We kind of took turns saving each other, and obviously there was chemistry and passion and attraction and all those things that come at the beginning of a relationship," Martino said. "And then when we got into it and had kids and looked at a decade-long life together, you know, the last three or four years, we really sucked at being married. And we were trying really hard to make it work."

Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty

Martino, 39, and Amurri, 35, are also parents to son Major James, 3½, and daughter Marlowe Mae, 5½. Despite the "judgment" they faced, Martino maintains that the couple's split was in their kids' best interests.

"Being in the public eye — not only the family I married into, but also her choosing to be in the lifestyle space — people were really judgmental," Martino said.

"[They] couldn't imagine that we would make this decision from a place of love for each other, as a positive transition, for our kids," he continued. "To do this, to say: 'Listen, let's not model a marriage of proximity and pragmatism because we have kids, let's show them what they should aspire to build in a successful marriage, and let's also show happy Mom and happy Dad. Because we're not happy together married.'"

"And you know, we gave each a huge hug the day we decided to do it," he added. "We gave each other a hug in divorce court when it was official. We love each other, we just suck at being married, and we shouldn't be married. And we will be in each other's lives forever as co-parents, and [we] have the best relationship we've had in a long time now because we didn't tether success to makings we knew didn't work for us."

Amurri also recently opened up about the relationship, detailing how the exes are "unconventionally isolating" together during the coronavirus pandemic. Martino, who usually lives in New York City, is currently staying in Amurri's studio on her Westport, Connecticut, property for the sake of their kids.

"It's been really interesting," she told  Otherland co-founder and CEO Abigail Cook Stone during an Instagram Live chat last month. "We sort of jammed a year of therapy into a few weeks of self-isolation because we had to really get on the same page. So many times we've come up against some conflicts, as you would imagine, and had to work through them."

"It was either he isolates on his own and doesn't see the kids for who knows how long, or we isolate together. It was an obvious choice for the kids' sake and his sake," she continued. "It's been great, surprisingly. It's obviously had its moments."

As for their divorce, Amurri said that they mediated it on their own, adding, "We've just been building off of that and it's working thus far."