''KUWTK' ' Reunion: Kim Kardashian Avoids Specifics About Kanye West Split, Denies Dating Van Jones

"My marriage with Kanye ... was, is, so real," said the star

The Kardashian-Jenners are really telling all.

During part one of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reunion, host Andy Cohen didn't hold back on asking Kris Jenner and daughters Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner about the past 14 years of documenting their lives on the reality series.

Thursday's episode covered everything from Kim's sex tape ("It's probably the one thing that I wish didn't exist," she said at one point) to Kris' favorite and least favorite daughters to manage (Kendall and Kourtney, respectively).

Of course, the conversation also turned to Kim's recent split from Kanye West, with whom she shares daughters North, 8, and Chicago, 3, and sons Saint, 5, and Psalm, 2. Kim filed for divorce from the rapper, 43, in February after nearly seven years of marriage.

"We saw glimpses into your relationship with Kanye over the seasons. At what point in your friendship did you say, 'I'm in love with this guy'?" Andy asked.

"I would say six months after my divorce with Kris Humphries, I called Kanye and I was like, 'You're not even going to call me to say I told you so?' And then we met up six months later, and from that first night, I knew it was over," revealed Kim, 40.

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"My marriage with Kanye ... was, is, so real," she added. "That, to me, was like my first real marriage."

"If I asked you point blank, 'Why did your marriage not work?,' what would you attribute it to?" pressed Andy, 53.

"I honestly don't think I would even say it here on TV, but it was not like, one specific thing that happened on either part," the KKW Beauty mogul said. "I think it was just a general difference of opinions on a few things that led to this decision. And like, in no way would I want someone to think that I didn't give it my all, or not really try. You know, we have four kids. There's nothing that I think parents would want more than to see, or even kids want more, than to see their parents together. I grew up and I lived that myself."

As for their relationship today, Kim said she and Kanye have an "amazing co-parenting relationship."

"I respect him so much and you know, that was my friend first, first and foremost, for a long time, so I can't see that going away," she said. "I will forever be Kanye's biggest fan. He's the father of my kids, Kanye will always be family."

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with their children. Kim Kardashian/Instagram

"Could you see yourself dating a non-celebrity?" Andy asked.

"Yeah, absolutely. Just someone that I think would understand what this life is about, though," she said. "But I think what I was looking for and who I was, you know years ago is completely different than who I am today and I value privacy. And I just want something that's like, really real."

Kim also addressed rumors that she's been seeing CNN's Van Jones. "There are rumors that you're dating Van Jones," Andy said.

"Van texted me and was like, 'This rumor has gotten me so many dates and I'm so grateful,'" Kim said, as Andy interrupted, "There are rumors that you're dating Maluma."

"No, I'm not dating either one — not Van Jones, not Maluma," Kim said. "I've known him, I've seen him a few times, always in Miami, such a nice guy. So nice."

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Elsewhere in the episode, Kim discussed her famed 72-day marriage to Humphries in 2011.

"Well, before Kanye there was Kim's famous $10 million wedding to Kris Humphries that lasted almost as long as my last hangover: 72 days. Let's bring him out — Kris?" Andy teased, as the family erupted in laughter.

"He wouldn't have come," Kim said.

Kris, 65, then revealed that the night before Kim and Humphries' rehearsal dinner, she tried to talk her daughter out of tying the knot.

"What you said to me is: 'I'm going to put you in a car, no one will find you, just leave and I'll handle it,'" Kim recalled her mom saying. "And I thought, 'Okay, we're filming this for a TV show. If I leave, I'm going to be known as the runaway bride forever and it's going to be a huge joke, and I think I just have cold feet.' So I was like, 'Okay guys, it's just cold feet, I got this, it's cold feet, we're filming the show.'"

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The reality star also addressed the rumors that the lavish wedding, which was documented on KUWTK, was simply a publicity stunt.

"The show paid us, obviously, a fee to film the show. I took my entire fee and probably Kris' because I wanted a bigger wedding than what they were going to pay for," she said. "So I used all of our production money on the wedding, right. So, if that was fake, I would have saved my money."

"Would you say you partially went through with the wedding because of the show?" Andy asked.

"Yes," Kim said. "Because I felt pressured, I felt like I was going to let everyone down."

KUWTK crew
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When Andy asked about the breaking point in her short-lived marriage to the basketball star, Kim pointed to his shoes.

"He had a size like, 17 shoes lined up around my whole room and I just freaked the f--- out," Kim said. "I literally got claustrophobic. We were living in a hotel. I was so nervous to break up with someone, I handled it totally the wrong way. I fully broke up with him in the worst way, and I couldn't, I just didn't know how to deal, I learned so much from it."

"Do you think you owe him an apology?" Andy asked, to which Kim replied, "Absolutely, and I tried to, I tried calling him for months."

Later, Kim shared that Humphries wanted an annulment of their marriage rather than a divorce, but she insisted on the divorce. Looking back, she wishes she had gone ahead with the annulment — "I wish I was only married once," she said.

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Miller Mobley/E! Entertainment

The whole family also reflected on some parts of the show that they maybe wish hadn't been broadcasted to millions of fans. When Andy asked about times they wrestled with whether or not to keep a scene in, two particular recent moments came to mind: Kim and Kourtney's season 18 physical fight, and Kendall and Kylie's Palm Springs screaming match in season 19.

"That was something I didn't want to leave in," Kris said of Kourtney, 42, and Kim's violent argument. "And at the end of the day, like we always do, we all decided that it [would go in]."

Kendall, 25, and Kylie, 23, also reflected on their fight, with Kylie noting that at first she didn't want it to air on KUWTK.

"In the moment you're thinking ,'Oh, I'm never gonna show this,'" she said. "We're very free, we let everything be filmed and in the moment you're like, 'I'm never gonna let this air on television.' But once those emotions go away and months pass, you're like, 'Okay, I'm ready, it doesn't bother me as much.'"

"Well, then there's also the negative side where you kind of have to relive it, because I even experienced that with our situation. We literally fought again," Kendall added. "When we watch it before it airs, you kind of relive all those emotions and like, that anger in a way."


The episode concluded with a conversation about Kris' relationship with ex Caitlyn Jenner. Caitlyn, 71, publicly came out as transgender in 2015, two years after she and Kris announced their separation

"Kris, do you have fond memories of your time on the show with your ex?" Andy asked.

"Yeah I do," she replied. "I think that we had a lot of really great years. I think that everything also is meant to be, and what was meant to be out of that relationship was Kendall and Kylie. So without that I wouldn't have 1/6 and 1/6 of my heart, sitting here, and that I'm so grateful for and feel like it was such a blessing."

"Hard question: Do you think you would have split up from your ex were it not for the transition?" Andy said.

"That's an interesting question. I think so," Kris said, while all of her daughters agreed.

After Kris confirmed that she did not know at the time of their split that Caitlyn planned to transition, the episode ended with another hard question for her: "Have you forgiven Caitlyn for how she treated you after the divorce?"

Part two of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reunion airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on E!

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