'KUWTK' Reunion: Biggest Revelations from Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, Kylie and Kris

The Kardashian-Jenner family gathered with Andy Cohen to look back at 20 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in a two-part reunion special on E! 

Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion
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The Final Curtain

Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion

In the two-part special, momager Kris Jenner and her daughters Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian, as well as Kendall and Kylie Jenner, spoke candidly about some of the biggest moments in the series. Scott Disick later joined host Andy Cohen and the KarJenner ladies on the reunion set.

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Kris Jenner

KUWTK Reunion

The matriarch, 65, spoke about her 23-year marriage and divorce from Caitlyn Jenner — a split that came two years before the Olympian transitioned.

"Do you think you would have split up from your ex if not for the transition?" Cohen asked Kris, who replied, "That's an interesting question. I think so," later explaining that Caitlyn's desire to transition "wasn't communicated to me." She added: "At the end of the day, all you want for somebody is just for them to find their true happiness."

When asked if she had forgiven Caitlyn for the way she treated Kris post-split, the momager said: "I think so. I think if I didn't or I don't work through those feelings, it's just going to hurt me more than it would hurt Caitlyn."

As for how she coped with that period of her life, the mom of six said: "Just take a shower, cry in the shower, have a martini and start over the next day. I learned a lot along the way. I was so naive and uneducated in this area and I realized I was not considering what Caitlyn was really feeling at the time, which was she wanted to be who she is now since the time she was 4 years old."

These days, the exes are "okay" and their co-parenting relationship is "nice and friendly," said Kris.

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Kim Kardashian


The future lawyer, 40, opened up about many of her life events that were filmed during the nearly 15 years on the show, including her relationship with ex Kanye West, her previous marriage to Kris Humphries, her sex tape ("probably the one thing that I wish didn't exist") and her 2016 Paris robbery.

"As far as jewelry, if I'm wearing something, it's borrowed. It's fake. No expensive items ever come to my home. I have it all taken from security before I even enter my home. I can't sleep if I have jewelry in my safe, or money, or anything at my house. I just don't live my life like that," said the reality star. "The things I valued before that happened were genuinely completely different than what I value now. It's fun to get dressed up and all this, but like, [material] things don't make me."

While reflecting on her past, Kim also wished she could apologize to ex Humphries. "Absolutely, and I tried to, I tried calling him for months," she said. "I was so nervous to break up with someone, I handled it totally the wrong way. I fully broke up with him in the worst way, and I couldn't, I just didn't know how to deal, I learned so much from it," she shared, later adding, "I wish I was only married once."

About her current divorce from West, the mother of four said their split was not attributed to one thing. "I honestly don't think I would even say it here on TV, but it was not like, one specific thing that happened on either part. I think it was just a general difference of opinions on a few things that led to this decision," she said.

In part 1 of the reunion, Kim said she and West are putting their kids first. "In no way would I want someone to think that I didn't give it my all, or not really try. You know, we have four kids. There's nothing that I think parents would want more than to see, or even kids want more, than to see their parents together. I grew up and I lived that myself," she said.

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Khloé Kardashian

KUWTK Reunion

The Good American mogul, 36, spoke about her reconciled relationship with Tristan Thompson — with whom she shares daughter True — and his cheating scandal involving Jordyn Woods, as well as her previous marriage to Lamar Odom and trying to conceive her second child.

"I don't have any grudge against Jordyn. I think people make mistakes. People live and they learn. And I forgive both parties. How could I forgive Tristan and not Jordyn? That sounds asinine in my opinion," Khloé said about moving on from the 2019 scandal.

As for her ex-husband Odom, Khloé has also moved on. "We're not in touch but I honestly wish him nothing but the best, good health and I think we're all really rooting for him and want the best for him," she said of the former NBA star, whom she wed in 2009 — one month to the day after they met (and nine days after getting engaged). "I loved that chapter in my life, I did, regardless of how dark and crazy that might sound. It was still a very significant part of my story and my life and I wouldn't change it. It sounds crazy but that was meant to happen and it happened."

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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner
Keeping Up With The Kardashians/Youtube

The Kylie Cosmetics founder, 23, opened up about her beauty empire as well as her pregnancy with daughter Stormi and her previous relationship with ex-boyfriend Tyga, who was filmed in earlier seasons of the show.

Asked by Cohen if her "lips and [her] insecurities around them" helped "catapult [her] into the beauty industry," Kylie said, "For sure. I think my love for makeup started with my insecurity with my lips." She added, "I had really small lips, and I didn't ever think about it until I had one of my first kisses and a guy said to me, 'Oh my God, you're such a good kisser, but you have such small lips,' or something like that. From then on, I felt unkissable."

When asked about Tyga, Kylie said, "We're not friends. But we are okay. If I see him out or if I run into him anywhere, you know, I always wish him well. I have no bad feelings towards him."

As for her future, including her on-again, off-again boyfriend Travis Scott, Kylie said, "I'm not thinking about marriage right now, but I would hope to get married one day."

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Kendall Jenner


The supermodel, 25, spoke about growing up with cameras filming her family for close to two decades, as well as Caitlyn's transition in 2015 and her one-year romance with NBA star Devin Booker.

"I want nothing more than my dad to live out her true self, genuinely. It's a transition, we were a little younger," younger sister Kylie shared about Caitlyn's transition, which Kendall called "a bit of a loss too." As Kylie said "to mourn that person was hard," Kendall said they were "big daddy's girls," adding, "that transition was definitely hard for a moment."

When asked about her career and making a name for herself in fashion, Kendall said: "I went to every single casting and ran all over — not only in New York City but all over Europe — trying to get a job and make my way. Of course, I had a platform and I never took that for granted. I always knew that that was there, but that almost made my job a little bit harder. Only because people, you know, probably didn't want to hire me because I was on a reality TV show."

And speaking candidly about Booker, 24, for the first time, Kendall told Cohen, "I actually don't only date basketball players, if anyone's ever done their research, but I'm not ashamed that I have a type. I'm also just a genuine basketball fan, so that's just kind of happened."

As for why Booker wasn't on the show, Kendall said: "Kylie and I have had the opportunity to watch our older sisters go through marriages and relationships and breakups and all these things, and do them pretty publicly. And no offense to you guys at all, but I think it was personal preference from a really young age that I didn't want to [do that]. I think it makes my life a lot easier and our relationship a lot better, to be completely honest. I just feel like it's a private matter, it's not really for anybody else to judge or know."

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Kourtney Kardashian

KUWTK Reunion

Cohen asked momager Kris to name the hardest daughter to manage. When Jenner said Kourtney, the Poosh founder did not contest her mother's answer, instead she agreed with her.

"'Cause I don't want to do things if it's not something I'm really into doing. My answer is no to most things. And if it's gonna be yes, like, I want to know every detail of what I'm gonna be asked of," the mom of three said.

As for the easiest to manage? "I think Kendall's the easiest. She's also the kid who when she was seven would put herself to bed every night and say, 'I'm done for the day, Mommy. My room is clean,' " Kris said.

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Kourtney and Scott

Kourtney Kardashian; Scott Disick
Keeping Up With The Kardashians/Youtube

Throughout the reunion, Kourtney and Disick's nearly decade-long relationship was a topic of conversation as they talked about co-parenting — they share sons Mason, 11, and Reign, 6, and daughter Penelope, 8 — his past with substance abuse (which was "the deal breaker") as well as their current relationships with Travis Barker and Amelia Hamlin.

Cohen also asked whether Kourtney and Disick, who split in 2015, think they'd still be together if Disick had maintained his sobriety, to which they both said yes. As for whether they've slept together in the time since their breakup, the former couple said no. ("How annoying," Disick joked.)

When it comes to their respective partners, they both gave their blessing. "Whoever would make him happy, I would give my blessing," Kourtney said. "I think if you really love somebody, you want them to be happy no matter what. So I do give her a blessing to be happy," Disick said.

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Lord Disick

KUWTK Reunion

Another topic of discussion was Disick's tendency to date younger women (Hamlin is 20 years old). "Everybody gets this wrong. That I look for young girls, I don't go out looking for young girls, they happened to be attracted to me because I look young, that's what I'm telling myself," he said.

Cohen then asked Disick about how "a lot of people felt really connected to you when you showed your vulnerability relating to your struggle with sobriety." The father of three responded, "It wasn't anything I could hide, you know what I mean? So eventually I realized that this obviously is not giving me what I want. And a lot of the things that hurt me in my life were from drinking and these things that I can't really take back. But you know, now I'm just trying to be the best guy I can be, a good dad and things like that, and make up for lost time. But I do regret the person that I was for a long time to Kourtney, just everybody, I wasn't the best guy."

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Opening Up More Than Others

Khloe Kardashian Calls Out Kourtney for Not Showing Love Life
Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Over the years, certain siblings had their private lives documented more than others. Cohen asked Khloé whether she thought she "carried the show" by opening up about her life more in later seasons. "I mean there's been times that I think maybe [it was] what I was going through, because you could also say Kourtney and Scott at the beginning, so much was about them," she said. "But maybe there wasn't as much going on in other people's lives."

Khloé continued, "I will say that sometimes Kim and I have had this conversation really openly — we feel like we give so much and maybe others aren't holding up their end of the deal too. If other people are going through things and they're choosing not to share, that's when it's unfair, but if there's really nothing else going on in someone's life, what are they supposed to share?"

Speaking specifically about Kourtney's previous relationship with model Younes Bendjima, Khloé said, "I think Kourt learned from how much the public was in her relationship with Scott, it made her not want to share future dating relationships." She added: "We weren't even allowed to talk about it — I'm not saying put him on, but Kourtney wouldn't even let us mention it, even though there's paparazzi photos. So we were frustrated that we couldn't even talk about what Kourtney was doing."

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Low-Key Pregnancy

KUWTK Reunion

As for why she chose to keep her pregnancy with Stormi off the show, Kylie told Cohen: "I shared so much of my life. I was also really young when I got pregnant, and it was just a lot for me personally. I didn't know how I would bring that to the public too and have everyone's opinion. I think it was just something that I needed to go through by myself."

And her sisters agreed.

"This is obviously a theory — I've never been pregnant, and I'm sure there are studies on this — but I think that the more at peace you are when you are pregnant, that goes into your child," Kendall said. "I think it's a reflection of even her daughter today, and how amazing and beautiful she is, is just because Kylie was so at peace in her pregnancy. I really do think it was the best decision."

Kim also shared, "There were times when we would be driving and pregnant, and paparazzi would almost crash into our cars because they just wanted a picture. Kylie really wanted to, I think, protect her safety, the baby, and have that just be a private moment."

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Moving on from Jordyn Woods

KUWTK Reunion

Kylie briefly spoke about her former BFF Woods, sharing that they are no longer friends since the cheating scandal with Thompson. "When we were friends, we never thought that we wouldn't be friends, it was kind of an overnight thing. When she did something to my family, it felt like she did something to me," the Kylie Cosmetics founder said.

Meanwhile, Khloé shared that she's told her youngest sister about whether or not she would "care" if Kylie and Woods were to ever become friendly again.

"I have told Kylie intimately that I would genuinely not care whatsoever if Kylie wants to be her friend again. My sisters matter way more to me than any grudge or issue that I would have with another individual. And if I can allow Tristan back into my life, I need to allow the same forgiveness and acceptance of other people," Khloé said.

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Kardashian Kurse

KUWTK Reunion

Kendall said she was very excited that Cohen inquired about the much-talked-about "curse" on the men who get involved with the Kardashian-Jenner women.

"What I don't like about this narrative is that the blame is on us," the model said. "I think the men need to take that responsibility. I think that we're all extremely giving and caring and loving women. And when there is a man in our lives we like, give everything to them, and as a family we all love them so much. It's almost offensive, personally."

Kim added, "Let me tell you, Kanye is doing pretty well," as Kris listed off the various sports championship titles and industry awards that some exes have garnered.

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Rob Kardashian

Kardashians birthday party
From left: Rob Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner.

Though he was the only Kardashian-Jenner sibling to not appear on the reunion, Rob was mentioned when Khloé gave an update about her brother, including how he's been "dating" as of late.

"I know Rob is really feeling really good about himself right now and he's working really hard on himself," Khloé said, before Cohen commented that it must be difficult for him to co-parent daughter Dream with ex Blac Chyna amid her lawsuit against the family.

"You know, I'm sure it is, but we can only imagine how hard that is. And I know he feels really guilty about that, so none of us ever make him feel bad about it and Dream is honestly one of the most incredible little girls in the entire world. We never blur the two," she said. "We separate completely and we respect that Chyna is the mother of Dream and we'll always respect that that's her position. We never try to make Rob feel any more guilty, because that's out of his control."

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