"I love Scott, but I've gotten to a place where I'm just living life again and I need to separate myself," Kourtney said on Sunday's episode

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Kourtney Kardashian “is not waiting” around for Scott Disick to become a better partner for her, to get his life together enough so that he can be in her life again.

That was her message on Sunday night’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which saw the sisters (again) take New York City on the eve of launching their new apps.

The episode focused on their professional work, but mirrored that with the personal.

Kylie Jenner was preparing to walk in Kanye West‘s new show for New York Fashion Week – but Kim Kardashian West worried that might be derailed after reports of Jenner’s diva-like behavior.

(A false alarm! As the sisters gathered to watch Kylie walk down the runway, no drama in sight.)

Meanwhile, the family’s apps were on track – except Kourtney’s.

Though in her defense, she said, she had gotten no signal from anyone that she was unnecessarily behind her sisters.

And, she said, she had been pretty busy giving birth (not to mention her split from Disick).

So, she wondered, what was the point of her traveling to N.Y.C.? If the app launch was going to focus on the other sisters and not her.

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They weren’t having it. Kim suggested Kourtney adjust her “messaging” when discussing the app in public – that she couldn’t use her pregnancy and other personal issues as an excuse for the app’s delay, because there are a lot of people who juggle pregnancies and other issues with their jobs.

“You’re not special, sorry,” Kim told Kourtney.

Khloé Kardashian put it another way: “Trying to shift the blame about why her app was late was delusional.”

While Kourtney decided to travel with the others, the app wasn’t the only thing on her mind. Even across the country, Disick’s name kept popping up.

While he watched their kids back in California, the episode soon showed Khloé and Kourtney out to dinner, where Kourtney faced questions about the role of her ex in her life going forward.

Would you let him back into her life?

“Not right now,” she said. “I don’t know if there’s a day when Scott would get it together and be changed and someone I can depend on as a partner, but he’s just none of those things right now.”

“I’m not waiting [for him],” she continued, adding, “I love Scott, but I’ve gotten to a place where I’m just living life again and I need to separate myself, because every time I carry his problems on my shoulders – I physically can’t keep doing it.

“Scott really needs to help himself and I need to focus on myself.”

(Even still, Kourtney, described at the table as a “shut-in,” said that dates were “brutal.”)

What Kourtney had was what the Kardashians always have: each other.

Appearing at the episode’s end – they said for the first time – all five sisters together for an interview about their apps, Kourtney seemed excited and vocal about the project, after her dissatisfaction.

At dinner later, the group reflected on the rarity and fun of having everyone around one table. No ex-boyfriends or boy drama in sight.

Khloé, perhaps, summed it up best, telling the camera how excited she was for them to all embark together on this “dope-ass venture.”

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