Season 19 premiered Thursday on E!, a week after the family announced the show is coming to an end

By Aurelie Corinthios
September 17, 2020 09:00 PM

Keeping Up with the Kardashians is back for its penultimate season.

The famous family announced earlier this month that the beloved reality show will come an end next year with season 20. Season 19 debuted Thursday on E!, complete with a classic prank.

No surprise, the prank was orchestrated by Khloé Kardashian and Scott Disick, who last season developed an elaborate scheme to produce fake paparazzi photos of Kris Jenner in various uncompromising positions. This time, they entered phase two.

"We need to get some photos that are actually going to be believable," explained Khloé, 36." So step one, let's get her really f---ed up and she'll potentially black out and she won't remember what she did tonight anyway."

She met with Kris, Kris' longtime boyfriend Corey Gamble and Kim Kardashian West for dinner and set the plan in motion. Throughout the night, Khloé ordered round after round of martinis — with the bartender secretly delivering her water, while Kris was served alcohol. Then Kim, 39, enlisted Kris' assistant to seize the clothes, shoes and jewelry their mom wore that night.

"Kim had this master idea of reaching out to my mom's assistant, and as soon as my mom gets home tonight and she's drunk and throwing her clothes all over the floor or whatever, to get all of her stuff, throw it in a trash bag and get it over to me," Khloé said. "And I will be in the Kris Jenner outfit, from my toes to my jewelry. It's all going to match spot-on, and it's going to look so perfect that she won't know if it's her or the imposter."

Once she secured the outfit and slipped into a black pixie wig, Khloé hit the streets with Scott, 37. Their first stop? A Malibu liquor store, where Khloé took a series of photos stumbling around with a bottle of vodka in the parking lot. But to make things really believable, they knew they had to take things a step further.

"We have decided that we're going to get Christy, our PR representative, to leak the photos," Khloé said. "We cannot wait. We think it's more authentic and genuine coming from her. When we do these pranks, we go head-first."

When reveal day rolled around, Khloé got Corey in on the prank, then called Christy to give her the green light. On cue, Christy called Kris, 64, while she was in the car with Corey, heading to Khloé's house, and informed her that TMZ had called about another set of images of her, this time outside of a liquor store in Malibu.

"We did stop in Malibu on the way home to use the bathroom," Corey said, turning to Kris. "I got out of the car and then you were out of the car when I came back."

"Yeah, that's you," he said, peering over at the photo on her phone as Kris shushed him. Needless to say, she was stressed.

"I know I was really tipsy and I had a lot to drink, but I always rely on Corey," she said in a confessional. "I couldn't have any more security. And yet somebody has photos of me drunk as a skunk at a pit stop that we apparently made. And I'm peeing in a parking lot. I couldn't be more mortified right now. I'm embarrassed, I'm infuriated with Corey, and now what the hell am I going to do?"

When she and Corey arrived at Khloé's house, Kris was in a state. Feeling bad, Khloé and Scott decided to come clean.

"She's so embarrassed!" Khloé said. "She doesn't know what happened, so now she's sitting on the couch shaking. It just turned really, really bad, really soon, so we have to confess and come clean."

But the prank isn't over yet — a sneak peek at next week's episode teases Khloé, Kris and Scott turning the tables on Kim.

"I'm checking into the Betty Ford clinic," Kris tells her daughter.

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