Plus, Kim Kardashian West finds out she doesn't have diabetes

Credit: Courtesy of Kim Kardashian

This week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians picked up right where it left off: smack in the middle of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick‘s post-breakup drama.

Luckily, Kris Jenner was there to mediate, and after some prodding from the momager, Disick, 32, agreed to take his fatherly duties more seriously.

“I want you to see your kids, I want you to be a full-time, committed, kick-ass fabulous dad. They need you,” Kris, 60, told Disick as the two exchanged hugs and she sent him off to spend time with his three children with ex Kourtney, 36.

Meanwhile, Khloé Kardashian, 31, spent the episode getting in tune with her spirituality: The reality star, who said she’s “psychic-ish,” felt a presence in her home which she believed may be her late father Robert Kardashian.

“I am very spiritual, I am in tune with certain things and I would like to learn about these feelings or spirits,” Khloé said, before revealing that she was woken up the other night with someone whispering her name.

Khloé then invited clairvoyant Tyler Henry to her home, who confirmed both Khloé and Kourtney have good intuition and are able to feel energy and spirits – Kim Kardashian West, not so much.

After Henry said he also felt an odd presence in the house, Khloé bought a ghost detector and arranged for a psychic to come over and communicate verbally with the spirit. Psychic Lisa Williams was able to tell Khloé that she thinks the spirit is Khloé’s grandfather. Khloé then asked Williams if she could communicate with her late father, and after doing so Williams told Khloé that Robert said he loves her “with all his heart.”

When Khloé called her mom Kris to tell her the news from the psychic, an emotional Kris broke down in tears over the phone. Kris had been having a difficult time in the wake of her ex-spouse Caitlyn Jenner‘s transition – in fact, she had been so distracted that she forgot her daughter Kylie Jenner only had one week left of high school. (Kylie officially graduated in July).

Kris, who said she felt bad for “slacking a little bit” in the last six months, decided to plan a surprise graduation party for Kylie, now 18, and her sister Kendall, now 20, who graduated in 2014.

After some back-and-forth with her daughters, Kris decided not to invite Caitlyn or mention the party at all to her, admitting that she wasn’t “ready” since she hadn’t even met Caitlyn in person yet and was “scared to death” to do so.

“I’m just trying to process it, not alienate anybody,” Kris said. “I don’t want to hurt Kendall and Kylie but at the same time I need time to adjust to this whole thing.”

The party was a total success, of course, complete with a celeb-studded guest list with Ryan Seacrest and Gigi Hadid, a sushi bar, synchronized swimmers in the pool, caps and gowns (and Cartier gifts!) for the graduating sisters, and of course, the classic Kardashian photo booth, which the famous family has at every bash.

Kendall and Kylie’s graduation wasn’t the only thing the family had to celebrate: After several doctor visits and tests, Kim, 35, was finally able to confirm that she doesn’t have diabetes and her pregnancy is going along fine, though the reality star vowed to be more careful with her eating habits after traveling to New Orleans to satisfy her beignet cravings and splurging on churros and cheesecake in Paris.

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Kris also expressed her concern for her expectant daughter and her eating habits.

“This is going to put you over the edge,”she warned. “You’re trying to do, you know, everything that would make a normal non-pregnant person exhausted.”

Up next, Kris and Caitlyn will do their best to put their differences aside for Kylie’s 18th birthday.

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