Plus, Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom sign their divorce papers

By Aurelie Corinthios
December 06, 2015 11:25 PM
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

This week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians focused on Kris and Caitlyn Jenner‘s relationship as the two struggled to work out their differences in the wake of Caitlyn’s public transition.

As it stood, Kris, 60, was still feeling hurt and “thrown under the bridge” by the comments Caitlyn made about the family in her Vanity Fair cover. Kris also still hadn’t met her ex-spouse, formerly known as Bruce, since she officially introduced herself to the world as Caitlyn.

The incentive for a reconciliation between the two was their youngest daughter Kylie Jenner‘s upcoming 18th birthday in August. The episode showed the days leading up to the big day as Kylie sat down separately with each of her parents to discuss how she didn’t “want to deal with the drama” as the two struggled with their relationship – and as a result, Kylie was considering just celebrating with her friends.

Both Kris and Caitlyn, 66, were on the same page that it was Kylie’s day and that she deserved a fun get-together with the whole family.

“I think you have to let adults do their thing, and we’ll figure it out,” Kris told her daughter, before adding in an on-camera interview that she was “heartbroken.”

“I have to be strong enough to create a good relationship with Caitlyn since my kids’ feelings are more important than mine right now,” Kris said.

The momager ended up reaching out to Caitlyn via phone (for the first time in months!) to invite her to the family birthday dinner they were planning for Kylie’s birthday and to suggest that the two get together and talk things through.

“Sooner or later I’m going to have meet Caitlyn and right now I think the time has to be sooner,” Kris said.

Kris’ daughter Kim Kardashian West drove over with Kris to support her during her first in-person meeting with Caitlyn, which took place at the former Olympian’s house and previously aired on I Am Cait, Caitlyn’s docuseries.

Going into the meeting, Kris was nervous but said she would be glad to finally meet Caitlyn since she wanted the two of them to be able to get to a place where there was no longer tension.

“Bruce was super stubborn, maybe Caitlyn is going to be a little different,” Kris said.

The sit-down between the two exes was difficult and uncomfortable at times and meeting Caitlyn was “surreal,” Kris described later in an on-camera interview. “I feel like it will take me a second to get my bearings, but I’ve got to hand it to her – she looks great.”

After some back-and-forth about the VF piece and the fact that Kris didn’t invite Caitlyn to Kylie’s graduation party, which Caitlyn called a "slap in the face," the two parted ways on a somewhat awkward note.

Though they smiled and took a few pictures together before saying goodbye, Kris said later in an on-camera interview that after their meeting it seemed “nothing really has changed.”

“I don’t think I have ever met anyone as stubborn as Bruce Jenner until I met Caitlyn,” Kris added, though she admitted their talk was “a good first step in the right direction to a better relationship for the sake of the kids.”

Later, Kim, 35, and Kourtney Kardashian, 36, called their mom to hear about how the meeting went.

“Well, she did not have one ounce of empathy for my feelings,” Kris said, leading Kim to speculate that from Kris’ tone it didn’t sound like the two “found the common ground they’re looking for.”

“Guess what? It’s not your problem anymore,” Kourtney told her mom. “Now you can get taken care of, and you don’t have to deal.”

Meanwhile, Kris and Kim were experiencing some drama of their own as they struggled to adapt to living together under Kris’ roof. (Kim, her husband Kanye West and their daughter North, 2, had recently moved back in with Kris due to construction in their home. Since Kim was expecting her son – who was born on Saturday – the family decided they would stay with Kris until after they welcomed the new baby.)

Pregnant Kim – who revealed during the episode she was already thinking about baby number three – was constantly criticizing her mom’s household for being too loud, while the momager complained her daughter was taking over the entire home.

The two ended up sitting down for lunch with Kris’ boyfriend Corey Gamble to establish boundaries, which included “minimizing the amount of human beings” in Kris’ bathroom every morning.

While the Kris-Caitlyn and Kris-Kim house drama was going down, Khloé Kardashian was also going through her own issues in regards to her estranged husband Lamar Odom.

Khloé, 31, originally filed for divorce from the former NBA star in 2013. As it stood, Khloé and Odom, 36, had just signed the divorce papers and the reality star admitted that while she didn’t know if she would ever find peace in their failed marriage, she had done “every single thing” that she could do to try to save it.

“I still very much love Lamar, but I need to move forward,” Khloé said.

Kris, meanwhile, revealed that she occasionally received text messages from Odom apparently realizing his past mistakes and wanting a fresh start.

“[Khloé] was in so much pain for so long and would have given anything for that, and now it’s too late,” Kris said.

When Kris asked her daughter about how the divorce proceedings were going, Khloé said that while they had both signed the papers, “it takes a long time for things to go through the system and to get in the judges hands.” As it turned out, the backlog in court documents ended up being particularly important: After Odom was hospitalized Oct. 13 for a near-fatal overdose, Khloé ended up calling off their divorce proceedings to support and care for Odom, who remains hospitalized, during his recovery.

The episode also briefly touched on another breakup within the famous family: Kourtney and her partner of nine years, Scott Disick.

After some serious drama between the two went down earlier this season, Kourtney revealed that Disick, 32, had yet again failed to show up after promising he would come over.

When Kim asked her sister if she would ever get back together with him, Kourtney said she didn’t think so, adding that Disick had “so much work to do” before they could consider being a family again. (As it currently stands, the two remain broken up but have been spending more time together as Disick continues to receive outpatient treatment from a rehab center in Malibu).

Finally, the moment we’d all been waiting for arrived as Kylie celebrated her birthday dinner at Nobu in Malibu with her siblings and both of her parents – marking the first time Kris and Caitlyn were seen together publicly, as well as the first time the rest of the family witnessed them interacting.

The tension at the meal was apparent as the two exes clashed over the fact that Caitlyn was over an hour late, prompting Kris to say Caitlyn was “probably working on her hair and her look” before ordering another vodka drink.

“I can’t believe my mom is acting like this,” Kylie said later in an on-camera interview. “This is exactly what I wanted to avoid with inviting both of my parents.”

However, the family got through the meal, showered the birthday girl with gifts – and of course, posed for selfies together.

“Should we hold hands when we leave?” Caitlyn joked to Kris at the end of the dinner.

The party (and extravagant presents!) continued late into the night as Kylie celebrated with a star-studded bash at Bootsy Bellows where her boyfriend Tyga surprised her with a Ferrari.

“Tyga and I have always been friends. Now I’m a little bit older and we’re together, and I guess we’ll just see where it goes,” Kylie said in an on-camera interview as shots of the two kissing and hugging at the party aired.

“Tyga is just the most selfless, generous nicest person, and I am so happy,” she continued, adding that it was “for sure” one of the best nights of her life.

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