Krystal Nielson reveals she was hospitalized several times while suffering from anxiety and depression

Credit: Krystal Nielson/Instagram

Before leaving for Mexico to find love on Bachelor in Paradise, Krystal Nielson went through some of the most intense hardships of her life.

Nielson reflected on her year of extreme highs and lows of 2018 in a lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday, admitting that the year was filled with both financial and health crises.

“2018 was the year of breakdowns and rebuilds,” she wrote.

Nielson revealed she was hospitalized several times and suffered from anxiety and depression.

“When I came across the hospital bills I had a flashback to the phone calls from my friend Heather about how I needed to confront these heavy bills rather than pretending that they didn’t exist,” she wrote. “The heavy slap of defeat. The months of anxiety and depression. The confrontation that I had failed and fallen and didn’t know what pieces could even be put back together.”

Along with having to pay off her bills, the Bachelor alumni star said she was also supporting her brother, who had been homeless.

But even with the many setbacks, Nielson still managed to launch her own fitness business and find true love.

“I said f–k fear and launched my own business,” she wrote. “The year that I made my dream to write a workout program come true,” she said. “The year that I had to allow myself to trust. The year that I would surrender to love.”

Nielson, who is currently engaged to Chris “The Goose” Randone after meeting on season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise, ended her message by reflecting on how much she’s grown over the last year.

“2018 You taught me that my heart is the only validation that I need,” she concluded. “To embrace the dark nights because that is when we grow the most. And most importantly to never lose faith in my dreams.”

Bachelor Nation supported her in the comments section.

Bekah Martinez wrote, “BEAUTIFUL,” while Tia Booth said, “Love you sister girl!!!”

And of course, Randone sent some love to his fiancée: “ALL SHIPS RISE.”