'Smash' Actress Krysta Rodriguez, 30, Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

"As far as cancer goes, I have the Cadillac of tumors," the actress revealed on her blog, Chemo Couture

Photo: Donald Traill/AP

Best known for her role as Ana in Smash, stage and screen actress Krysta Rodriguez has revealed that she is suffering from breast cancer.

After being diagnosed in September, Rodriguez, 30, decided to speak out on her new blog, ChemoCouture, on Thursday.

“Now as far as cancer goes I have the Cadillac of tumors,” Rodriguez writes. “It’s slow growing, highly treatable and not really interested in spreading. My doctor calls it an ‘old lady cancer.’ I always knew I was ahead of my time!”

“Picture a lump sitting in a BarcaLounger eating Cheetos and enjoying the warm, cozy studio apartment I’ve been providing for it on Left Breast Lane. No one would want to leave that, am I right? Well, sorry buddy. I’m the landlord from hell and it’s eviction time.”

The actress was initially hesitant to undergo chemotherapy; not only was the hair loss, “nausea, bone pain [and] paralysis” a concern, but so, too, was the effect the radiation would have on her fertility. “Chemo is basically an indiscriminate A-bomb that gets dropped in your body, nuking everything in its path,” she writes, “but I’ve got some eggs in there that I wasn’t quite ready to cook.”

Therefore, with some of her eggs “on ice,” Rodriguez has decided undergo treatment. In the meantime, “I’m going to live as loudly as I can,” she writes. “There are many young, vibrant and fashion loving women out there who want to look their best, even when they look like crap.”

With ChemoCouture, the actress has created a destination to discuss “all things fun and fashion, while being focused on the specific needs of those women going through chemo.”

“The amount of love I feel is overwhelming,” Rodriguez Tweeted on Thursday. “Thank you for your support and for those who have shared their stories. I’m so grateful!”

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