Kim debuts her new date as Cynthia ties the knot in a dramatic Real Housewives finale

By Brian Orloff
January 31, 2011 10:05 AM
Wilford Harewood/Bravo

Would Cynthia Bailey be a runaway bride? For many, including her doubtful sister Malorie, the answer seemed to be “hopefully.”

But on Sunday’s Real Housewives of Atlanta finale, the supermodel indeed walked down the aisle – in a layered silver dress and over-sized bow – and wed restaurateur Peter Thomas.

After a season plagued with doubts and financial troubles, Bailey didn’t seem convinced that getting married was the right decision, tearfully weighing her decision until literally moments before the ceremony.

True to form, the event was riddled with drama – specifically of the familial kind.

Realizing that her marriage license was missing, Bailey dispatched her sister to collect it. Without the document, the marriage wouldn’t be legal. As it turns out, Malorie and Cynthia’s mother Barbara had stashed away the license, hoping, it seems, that it would stall (or even derail) the wedding.

In the end, Barbara decided that despite her doubts, she had to support her daughter’s marriage.

The Housewives were also uncertain about Cynthia’s “happily ever after,” with Kim Zolciak going as far to say that she didn’t predict Cynthia and Peter would make it a year, while Phaedra Parks balked at the extravagant ceremony, intuiting where they cut corners financially.

As for the other women, here’s how things shook out during the finale:

NeNe: After her screaming match with Kim in Miami, the outspoken Housewife has banished her frenemy from her life, focusing now on “getting [her] happy back.” And that means likely not with hubby Gregg, who’s still living in her home – but not amicably.

Kim: Kim also swears she’s no longer talking to NeNe – but she is happily moving forward with beau Kroy Biermann, with whom she’s expecting a child in June. She also brought him as her date to Cynthia’s wedding. Meanwhile, Kim and her producer pal Kandi Burruss’s friendship remains strong, though they haven’t quite settled the financial arrangements over their musical collaborations.

Sheree: Could Sheree’s dream of winning an Oscar be closer to coming true? After what seemed like a disastrous movie audition, the aspiring actress landed her first role.

Kandi: With her friendship with Kim still strong, the musician announced she looked forward to going on tour with Fantasia and releasing her new album, Kandi Koated, which went on sale last December.

Phaedra: The new mom put her pumps back on and returned to work at her law firm, months after giving birth to her son – and she even got a little bit tearful about it.

While there were (mostly) happy endings all around, the first part of the Atlanta reunion (set to air Feb. 13) seems destined to dredge up all kinds of dramatic (and angry) feelings. For now, tell us: