"We just want to make sure — my daughter just wants to make sure — that his wishes are carried out," Mia St. John says of daughter Paris St. John

By Elise Burger
April 04, 2019 03:00 PM

In the wake of Kristoff St. John‘s death, details about his final last wishes are coming to light.

Last month, Kristoff’s eldest daughter Paris St. John filed court documents in Los Angeles requesting to become the administrator of her father’s estate, according to The Blast. Paris said in the documents that the actor died without a will. She later filed an objection to her grandfather‘s probate filing and his request to become the executor of Kristoff’s estate, The Blast reported.

Now, Kristoff’s ex-wife Mia St. John is setting the record straight about the filing.

“There is a lot of incorrect reporting,” Mia, 51, tells PEOPLE about the late Young and the Restless actor.

“Kristoff did not have a will. What was found were pages in a journal. There were things that were scribbled out, crossed out, and we just want to make sure — my daughter just wants to make sure — that his wishes are carried out,” she says of Kristoff, to whom she was married from 1991-95.

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Mia says of Paris: “That’s all. It’s not like she’s fighting with her grandfather; she’s just trying to make sure that everything goes according to what Kristoff had wanted.”

“And because Lola, the other daughter, is underage, Paris filed with her attorney,” Mia says of Kristoff’s youngest daughter: 15-year-old Lola, who he shared with ex-wife Allana Nadal.

Mia, who also shared late son Julian — he died by suicide at age 24 in 2014 — with Kristoff, also says that she is the sole beneficiary of the actor’s life insurance policy.

Kristoff St. John with daughters Lola and Paris
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“I’ve heard a lot of people say like, ‘Well, I can’t believe he didn’t have his affairs in order.’ Well, he did have his affairs in order. I mean he had a life insurance policy — I was the beneficiary,” she explains.

The two-time Emmy Award-winning actor was found dead Feb. 3 in his home in the San Fernando Valley. More than a month later, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office listed his cause of death as “hypertrophic heart disease … and effects of ethanol.” Kristoff’s death was officially ruled an accident.

While still continuing to grieve her father’s death, Paris has also been dealing with the stress of court filings.

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“It’s just stressful for everybody,” says Mia, “because to have the family divided has been really, really, really, really difficult.”

Mia says that at a recent court date, “the judge ruled in favor of” Paris and that another court date is scheduled for April 19.

“Paris doesn’t want to fight with her grandfather, she’s just trying to make sure that Kristoff’s wishes are carried out exactly as he wanted them,” she explains.

Regarding her family’s legal involvement in this matter, Mia has one goal in mind: to fulfill Kristoff’s wishes.

“I talked to my husband every single day of [his] life. There were times when he was intoxicated, and there were times when he wasn’t, but there’s never been any confusion over his wishes. That has been consistent since day one. There was never any confusion. I know exactly what he wants, and, and I plan on carrying that out,” she says of Kristoff.

Adds Mia: “I talked to him every day, and he trusted me, which is why he left me the life insurance — because he knew that there is no way I would go against his wishes.”