Kristina Schulman Says She 'Rarely' Speaks to Ex Dean Unglert as He Moves on with Lesley Murphy

"I do believe he has good intentions in dating," Schulman says of her Bachelor in Paradise ex

It’s been over six months since fans watched Dean Unglert break Kristina Schulman‘s heart on Bachelor in Paradise — and both parties have since moved on.

Speaking to reporters at the Boohoo block party in Hollywood on Wednesday night, Schulman, 25, gave an update on her current relationship with Unglert, 26, revealing that the two don’t really stay in touch and “rarely” talk.

“It ended before [The Bachelor] Winter Games, like the friendship and everything — and I didn’t watch Winter Games, but obviously with social media it’s hard to not see,” she said, referencing the romance that played out between Unglert and his costar Lesley Murphy, 30, who are still going strong.

Schulman said after production on ABC’s Olympics-themed spinoff wrapped last fall, Unglert reached out to her briefly.

“After Winter Games finished filming, he did reach out to me and say that he was dating someone,” she said. “So I was like, ‘Okay. Out of respect for her and me, we should not continue talking.’ ”

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Schulman also addressed the infamous BiP love triangle between herself, Unglert and Danielle Lombard, acknowledging that she does think Unglert learned from the experience.

“I think he did grow from Paradise,” she said. “We had multiple conversations since Paradise and before Winter Games and I do believe he has good intentions in dating. It’s just when you’re young, you’re learning. You have to make mistakes to learn.”

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Now, Schulman, who is originally from Russia, says she’s trying to forge her own path — outside of the popular franchise.

“I’m not in a relationship … but I’m going on dates here and there. That’s dating in L.A., right?” she said. “I’m just living in L.A., trying to find my own path aside from everything Bachelor related.”

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