After Heidi Montag was the focus of the Hills drama – caused by getting plastic surgery, her mom’s reaction to the procedures and her husband SpencerKristin Cavallari‘s love life is now getting the attention it deserves. And once again, Kristin is having a hard time moving on fromBrody Jenner.

In a clip from Tuesday’s episode, airing (10 p.m. EST) on MTV (followed by The City), Kristin tells her friend Stacie she’s not seeing currently seeing anyone.

“You shouldn’t be sitting here worrying about a boy,” Stacie says. “That’s the thing though with ‘friends with benefits’. You try to be casual and then you don’t realize that your feelings and heart are into it. Someone’s going to end up getting hurt.”

Kristin’s take: “It’s always the girl.” So, the pair decide to head out to flirt with new but want to avoid running into Brody. Their destination? “Venice,” Kristin says. “There’s a lot of hot guys.”