SATC's Kristin Davis says "we're not finished" on her hopes for another remake of the iconic foursome

Sex and the City’s Charlotte is not ready for the famous four ladies’ adventures to be over!

Actress Kristin Davis sat with PEOPLE Now to dish about the show’s legacy and how there are stories, she believes, that still need to be unraveled.

“The whole entire ride of Sex and the City has been one surprise after another surprise,” shares the 51-year-old star, who appeared on the HBO series for all six seasons. “We never thought we would really be a hit. We didn’t think we’d win an Emmy, we didn’t think we’d get to make one film, much less another film.”

As if the award-winning show wasn’t enough, the two SATC reboot films were a hit, leaving fans hoping for another. And Davis can’t help but agree.

“I do feel inside like we’re not finished. I do feel like there’s another story,” Davis shares.

She adds: “I would be up for anything Sarah Jessica and Michael Patrick King think is the right thing.”

Does this mean we might have a forthcoming reboot of our favorite group of glamorous New York city friends? We have all the hints mapped out here.