Kristin Chenoweth Still Dealing with 'Pain and Issues' After 'Good Wife' Accident

The actress, who's recovering, says she felt the prayers and well wishes she received

Photo: LIVE! with Kelly and Michael

A feisty and fit-looking Kristin Chenoweth said she was happy to be “here” – meaning alive – Friday morning, during her first television interview since her accident on the set of The Good Wife this summer.

By “here,” she also meant on Live! With Kelly and Michael, where the Emmy- and Tony-winner mentioned “pain and issues” she still faces after being seriously injured by a falling light fixture on July 11.

“Those who sent me prayers and well wishes,” said the actress, “I want you to know, I could really feel it.”

Recalling the incident for her TV hosts Kelly Ripa and the show’s new addition, Michael Strahan, and assuring them “I’m doing so much better than I was,” Chenoweth, 44, said, “Basically, a big lighting thing fell on me … and knocked me out cold.”

She said it hit her in the face, then slammed her to the ground, where the back of her head hit the concrete curb. When she woke up, dazed, in New York City’s Bellevue Hospital, she saw all the criminals who’d been arrested and taken to the facility handcuffed to their gurneys.

“Oh, the police are all here to see me,” she said was the first thing that came to her mind.

Keeping it light, Ripa said, slightly tongue in cheek, “What were you wearing when you woke up?”

Chenoweth said, “I lost an earring and a shoe. I don’t know where they are today.” But she did get to keep the rest of her outfit from that day’s shoot.”

More seriously, she listed the medical issues with which she is still contending. “I couldn’t really form a sentence after it happened,” she said. She also said she is no longer the multi-tasker she once was.

“I have a skull fracture and a rib issue and a hip issue,” she said. “I’m just issue-ridden.”

But there was one beautiful memory she wanted to share, and admitted that every time she thinks of it she grows emotional. When she woke up after the accident, at her side was her costar, Josh Charles.

“He was holding my hand,” said Chenoweth. “He’s my angel.”

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