Kristin Cavallari Returns Home After Coronavirus 'Isolation' in the Bahamas for 3 Weeks

The reality star was with husband Jay Cutler and their three kids, her best friend and hairstylist Justin Anderson, and his fiancé Austin "Scoot" Rhodes

As the coronavirus crisis heightens, Kristin Cavallari has returned home from a trip abroad with her family.

The Very Cavallari star was in the Bahamas for about three weeks with her husband Jay Cutler and their three kids. They were also with Cavallari’s best friend and hairstylist Justin Anderson, and his fiancé Austin “Scoot” Rhodes, on what was supposed to be a spring break vacation.

“Social distancing,” Cavallari, 33, captioned a shot of herself posing in a bathing suit and sun hat on the beach on March 17.

Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Cavallari/Instagram

“The thing that matters most,” Cavallari captioned a picture of herself and her three kids on the beach on March 19.

“What happens when you’ve been quarantined for a week,” she captioned a video of herself playing around with diver’s flippers on March 20.

Some followers have criticized her in the comments section of her posts, writing things like “a little insensitive,” “tone deaf though” and “#privilege.” Writer Claire C. Downs’ Twitter thread on the topic has been gaining steam online as well.

A rep for Cavallari had no comment when reached by PEOPLE. But on Tuesday morning, she posted an Instagram story showing they’d returned home to Tennessee.

“Okay, we made it home, and very happy about that,” she said before a video showing the vitamins and minerals she was going to take. Over the footage, she wrote, “We had a short window to get out of the Bahamas so we jumped all over it.”

One of her children could also be heard babbling in the background.

“We are really home, I know!” she replied.

Over a picture of her espresso machine, she wrote, “How I’ve missed you.”

The Department of State has advised U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. In countries where commercial travel options remain available, U.S. citizens “should arrange for immediate return to the United States, unless they are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite length of time.”

The U.S. now has the most cases of coronavirus in the world. As of Monday morning, there are at least 336,776 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country, and at least 9,655 people have died from a coronavirus-related illness. As of April 4, there were 28 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Bahamas and four deaths, according to the country’s Ministry of Health.

The Bahamas has been under a state of emergency since March 23, when the government ordered a 24-hour curfew and the closure of public beaches. On April 3, a “complete shutdown of all services” went into effect, though “hotels with guests” are not affected by the shutdown, according to a press release.

Anderson, 39, also documented their trip on social media with beach pictures and workout videos, clapping back at critics. According to him, the group had opted to “wait out what is happening” in the Bahamas instead of flying back to Nashville, Tennessee.

“being stuck on an empty island and forced to quarantine could be worse,” Anderson captioned a selfie with Rhodes, Cavallari and Cutler on March 17. “thankful for my wolf pack during these scary times. this is where we are, this is us staying positive. we couldn’t be social here if we tried ✌🏼 i am afraid of what we will go home to when they let us back into the states 😢 hope you’re all staying safe where ever you happen to be.”

On March 25, he posted a video of himself working out with Cavallari, adding a disclaimer to the caption.

“by the way, just to avoid the exhausting comments… we’re on a beach stuck, we’re social distancing, this is an outside gym with ZERO human interaction, so calm your titties and realize we are doing the best we can,” he wrote. “keep it sweet.”

In the comments section, Anderson elaborated on his assertion that the group was “stuck.”

“I talk about it a lot on my stories,” he wrote. “Stuck here bc home is not as safe as here. Could be worse but I don’t want to complain about it bc people will judge. Making the best of it. Stay safe.”

On March 27, Anderson posted another selfie of the foursome, writing, “i meannnn let’s get real for a second — spending FOURTEEN days not spending time with anyone else is nuts, but we’ve done it. AND i still love each of them. that’s pretty solid 💪🏽🏝♥️ the family that quarantines together, stays together… 🤞🏼 stay tuned ya filthy animals!”

In the comments section of the post, one follower asked how long they’d be in the Bahamas. Anderson responded, “I kinda gave up caring to be honest bc everywhere is unsafe in the US.”

And in response to another fan who asked why they couldn’t fly home, he wrote, “Safer here, so just staying calm and trusting where are at.”

In the comments section of a March 29 picture of himself “out here distancing,” Anderson responded to fans who wondered why they hadn’t chartered a private plane to return home.

“We are safe here,” he wrote. “We can easily social distance here with my friend’s kids. And it’s a good spot to wait out what is happening back at home.”

Last week, Anderson posted a selfie with Cavallari, marking “three weeks of isolation” as he opened up about the group’s current routine.

“this island family has figured out our groove,” he wrote. “fitness is a priority so we alternate kid duty to get our sweat on each morning, lifeguard duty alternates throughout the day but it’s mostly scoot, big jay does most of the night time grilling, kristin and i do a lot of ‘business lady’ things on our phones throughout the day to keep our businesses rollin.

“also, side note bc i like to keep the negativity at a minimum here: this is where we happen to be isolated, don’t compare your situation or say something shitty and judgmental — just be positive bc i genuinely believe that being positive is what we all need right now,” he added.

And on Sunday, he posted another video of himself working out with the reality star “before an isolation beach day.”

“do you die for our corona workout location today? not a person in sight,” he wrote. “we haven’t left each other’s side in over three weeks and we still gigglin and jokin and playin and sweatin — dats love.”

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