"Jay, close your eyes, it's a picture of my ex-boyfriend. I don't want to upset you," the reality star jokes in a clip from Very Cavallari

By Ashley Boucher
January 29, 2020 09:25 PM

Kristin Cavallari is taking a walk down memory lane!

The 33-year-old reality star took a look back at her “wild” high school years with her mom and husband Jay Cutler in a recent clip from Very Cavallari — including a photo from her high school prom.

“Jay, close your eyes, it’s a picture of my ex-boyfriend. I don’t want to upset you,” Cavallari joked as the former NFL player rolled his eyes.

“Are you guys having fun?” Cutler asked the two women in the clip.

The trio then moved on to looking through old magazines that featured Cavallari and her love life in her early twenties.

“My life back then was a little wild and crazy,” Cavallari admitted, adding that while she doesn’t “regret anything” and “wouldn’t change it for the world,” she appreciates how Cutler has “grounded” her.

“I’m just happy that my life evolved,” she said. “I met Jay, we moved to the suburbs and settled down, and I don’t miss that old life at all. I’m really happy that Jay kind of grounded me.”

“Despite Kristin’s romance with Nick, she was reportedly caught snuggling with her ex, Brody Jenner, 22, during a night out in LA on November 17,” Cavallari read from an old tabloid, adding, “What a life, you know?”

Kristin Cavallari and her mom

“LA men have the model look,” Cavallari read from another magazine, quoting herself, “‘I prefer real men’ — enter: Jay.”

Then it was Cutler’s turn to read one of his wife’s old quotes.

“Kristin: ‘How come every time we go shopping we’re out of food the next day?’ ‘Remember when we said the only food we were going to have was going to be lettuce and vodka,’ says Alex. ‘It’d be so healthy,’ says Kristin,” the former Bears quarterback read.

Cavallari ended the clip with some advice to her younger self: “I would tell 22-year-old Kristin to enunciate and quit drinking so much.”

“Were you just like drunk all the time?” a producer asked, to which Cavallari replied with a laugh, “Probably.”

While Cavallari may have moved on from the lifestyle of her MTV days, she recently told PEOPLE that she’s still in touch with some of her old costars from Laguna Beach and The Hills.

“I talk to Audrina [Patridge] and Heidi [Montag] all the time, Brody [Jenner] I’ve kept in touch with,” she shared. “Stephen [Colletti] from Laguna Beach and both Alexes from Laguna Beach, too, so yeah, I definitely still talk to a lot of people.”

In fact, Cavallari, Patridge and Montag had a mini The Hills reunion earlier this month when Cavallari’s friends stopped by the Uncommon James store in Nashville, Tennessee.

“WHEN THE HILLS AND VERY CAVALLARI COLLIDE! Today with these 2 pretty ladies who will be on an upcoming episode of @verycavallari in a few weeks!” Cavallari wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the trio.

Very Cavallari airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on E!